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  • Today we're going to talk about four techniques to help you stop translating in your head.

    今日は、頭の中で言葉を訳すのをやめるための 4 つのテクニックについてお話します。

  • And instead, start thinking in your target language.


  • This will allow you to have conversations with ease, read smoothly and better understand native speakers.


  • These are four methods to help you think in a new language.

    他の言葉で考えられるようになるための 4 つの方法はこちら。

  • Number 1: Surround Yourself with Your Target Language

    その 1 :学習対象の言葉に囲まれている状態にする。

  • This way you'll be completely immersed in the language.


  • Without realizing it, you'll learn pronunciation, sentence structures, grammar and new vocabulary.


  • Play music in the background while you're cooking, or have a radio station on while you study.


  • Just use one of our endless podcasts available to you.


  • These are easy to listen to in the background while doing other things.

    他に何かをしている時の BGM として聞くのに便利ですよ。

  • Number 2: Learn through Observation


  • This is how we all learned our native languages as kids.


  • Words will develop their own meanings that relate better to your target language rather than meanings that are translated directly.


  • Number 3: Speak out Loud to Yourself

    その 3 :自分自身に向かって声に出して話す。

  • Even if you're a little embarrassed, it forces you to listen to how you speak, it makes it much easier to spot simple grammar mistakes.


  • Number 4: practice daily

    その 4:毎日練習する

  • If you practice everything for only one day, you won't retain the information you learned.

    どんなことでも 1 日しか練習しなければ、学んだ知識を維持することはできません。

  • The brain can realistically only focus for about thirty minutes, so studying a little every day allows you to absorb better.


  • Follow these steps and have patience.


  • You'll soon be able to achieve your language learning goals.


  • Just make sure to remember these four methods.

    今日お話しした 4 つの方法を忘れないようにしてくださいね。

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Today we're going to talk about four techniques to help you stop translating in your head.

今日は、頭の中で言葉を訳すのをやめるための 4 つのテクニックについてお話します。

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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