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Hey everybody, Alisha here. Today we are going to talk about Thanksgiving and some Thanksgiving
related vocabulary words. So let's get started.
The first word is just Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America.
It might be holiday in your country as well. You might have something similar to Thanksgiving.
Basically it's a holiday which is well known for eating Turkey and large, large quantities
of other foods which are really hearty. A lot of families chose to get together. People
come from all over the country to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with their family members
and friends in some cases. Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of every November, right?
Next is the word Turkey. Turkey is a big bird which we almost I would
say exclusively eat at Thanksgiving. It's delicious. It makes you sleep if you eat a
lot of it. Here is a picture of President Obama pardoning a Turkey. Why do we do this?
Look at – his daughter is in the background facepalming. Oh that's funny. So the president
pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving to, I guess show the Turkey that it's not going
to be slaughtered. All of its wrong doings are forgiven. And my favorite Thanksgiving
food is Turkey.
The next word is cornucopia. This is something that you only really see around Thanksgiving
time. It looks kind of like a horn, it's a horn-shaped thing and it usually has fresh
fruits and maybe vegetables inside. According to this, it says it's a symbol of plenty.
So whatever it is full of, it's usually just kind of overflowing with that. It's
to signify that you have a lot of you know food. You have enough of something. So that's
something you might see around Thanksgiving time. My mom puts out a Cornucopia of vegetables
and fruits every year at Thanksgiving dinner.
Another good word to know is Cranberry sauce. This is a really, really popular dish at Thanksgiving.
It's more of a dessert in my mind anyway. Its jelly that's made of cranberries and
it's really sweet. Some people like to top it with whipped cream. Different families
have different recipes. It's pretty well known and it goes really well with Turkey.
So give it a try if you see it. Cranberry sauce is my brother's favorite Thanksgiving
Pilgrim is the next word. Pilgrim is a word that refers to the people who came to what
is now America, what is now the United States, from England and you might have seen historical
pictures of them. People like to make fun of the fact that they had buckles on their
hats. Big pointy black hat and a lot of the pictures in children's history books. Pilgrims
ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Native American population for the first Thanksgiving. That's
how the holiday got started actually.
And that's the end. Thank you for joining us about Thanksgiving. I hope that you enjoyed
a Thanksgiving sometime. No I don't. If you do, great. If you don't whatever, I
don't know. So those are some words that you might be able to use if you find yourself
in a Thanksgiving dinner some day. I hope you enjoyed, happy Thanksgiving.


English THANKSGIVING Words with Alisha!

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