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  • Okay, welcome back to Weekly Words. Weekly Words. I'm Alisha, and today we're going

  • to talk about words that make you sound smart. Oh, I'm all

  • over this one.

  • First word isesoteric.” When something isesoteric,” it's... Alright, so the

  • wordesotericrefers to andsomething that requires specialized knowledge.”

  • So in a conversation, somebody might use this word to say, “Sorry to be esoteric,” and

  • then they'll continue talking about some subject or some concept that requires a certain level

  • of knowledge in a given field.

  • Next word... “Superfluous.” Um, “superfluousjust meansextra,” really. Can a person

  • besuperfluous”? Sosuperfluous,” yeah, just, just refers to stuff that's maybe

  • not necessary or the... the extra just stuff or extra, extra things in a given context.

  • So maybe, “Oh I have so much superfluous stuff in my kitchen.” Course usingsuperfluous

  • in such a casual way like that is very unnatural, but you could do if you really wanted to sound smart.

  • Acquiesce.” “Acquiesce,” um, means to, um, like you might have likeOh, can

  • I say a line from Pirates of the Caribbean? Something like, “He will not acquiesce to

  • your request,” orShe will not acquiesce to your request.” Just means you won't”

  • obey or listen or do as told.” Um, but that, it's the same exact meaning toacquiesce

  • to accept something, or, yeah, to go along with.

  • Angst.” “Angstrefers to just kind of this, errr, like that, that unhappy feeling,

  • the sort of angry, maybe melancholy, or just feeling like, you know, you're misunderstood.

  • So a teenager, or I suppose a teenager themselves might not use this word, but the parents of

  • a teenager might say, “Oh, my teenager is so filled with angst.”

  • Kitsch.” “Kitsch.” “Kitschrefers to, in my mind anyway, just, um, junk, honestly.

  • It's the little things that, you know, might crowd your house, like a snow

  • globe or special little ornaments or just, you know, decorative knick-knacks. You might

  • say, “Oh, my aunt's apartment's reallykitschy.” I mean she has maybe like a

  • lot of knick-knacks, or the style is just kinda meh.

  • Alright, that is the end, so those were a few words to make you sound smart. I hope

  • that you learned something. I certainly did, and I'll see you again next time. Thank you.

  • Bye!

Okay, welcome back to Weekly Words. Weekly Words. I'm Alisha, and today we're going


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