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  • Wooh! Welcome back to Weekly Words, everybody. My name is Alisha, and this week we're going

  • to talk about sports metaphors in business. This is gonna get real dude-like, real fast.

  • First phrase, rather, isjump the gun.” “Jump the gunmeans you do something

  • too quickly or you don't think enough about something before you do it. In a business

  • setting, maybe a subordinate makes a decision before the bosses had a chance to decide on

  • something. You might say, “Stevens, you jumped the gun again. We can't forgive you

  • for this one. You're fired!”

  • Okay, the next one isdrop the ball.” “Drop the ballmeans you don't do something

  • that you're supposed to do. Somebody was supposed to do something, and they didn't do it. They

  • dropped the ball.” Like in basketball, right? If you have a ball, you're supposed

  • to pass the ball to a teammate. If you drop the ball, you let everybody down. “My co-worker

  • really dropped the ball when he forgot to send that email. We were all

  • disappointed.” Stevens, uh, okay.

  • Next, “slam dunk.” A “slam dunkis something that you are sure is going to happen.

  • Maybe you have a good relationship with a client, for example. You can say, “Yeah,

  • the deal next week, it will be a slam dunk.” You know that something good is going to happen.

  • Next, “covering all bases.” This phrase means that you plan for as many things as

  • you possibly can. You have some kind of plan in mind for any number of things that could

  • go wrong or any number of things that could happen. Uhm in a sentence, umm… A boss might

  • say to their subordinate, “So what's your plan for the event next week? Make sure you

  • have all bases covered. I don't want anything to go wrong.”

  • Next isplaying hardball.” “Playing hardballis used when you're really, really

  • aggressively competing with somebody. So in a sentence, uh, maybe after a business meeting,

  • you might say, “Oh, wow, our competitors were really playing hardball in there. It

  • was really tough.”

  • Okay, end! That's the end. Those are all some sports metaphors that get used in business

  • settings, so give them a try in your next business meeting, but be careful to use the

  • correct one. Thanks for joining us for Weekly Words this week. I will see you again next

  • time for more fun information. Bye!

Wooh! Welcome back to Weekly Words, everybody. My name is Alisha, and this week we're going


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