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For the second consecutive day, the daily death toll from Corona virus in the U.
K has risen by more than 900.
Yesterday, the country recorded Europe's highest daily number of deaths.
Yet it came as the British Medical Association issued a stark warning that supplies of protective clothing for health workers were in some areas at dangerously low levels.
The home secretary, Pretty Patel, said she was sorry if people feel that bean failings in NHS protective kit describing the pandemic as unprecedented.
917 people have died in hospital in a 24 hour period.
But that number doesn't include people who have died from Corona virus in care homes or in the community.
It brings the total number of deaths in hospital to 9875.
Here's our science editor, David Shipman, a human cost on a scale unimaginable even a few short weeks ago, and the warning is that we're not through it yet that more families like that of Doreen Hunt, who was buried last week, will suddenly find themselves in the grip of covert 19.
The risk Israel, me and my mom were actually speaking about this 34 weeks ago, we didn't realize how hard it was gonna hit our family.
Obviously, um, we all thought it would be someone else.
But we've been hit with it.
People need to realize this Israel, listen to what you're being asked to dough on.
Put them measures in place.
Stay at home.
Among the casualties.
A growing number of NHS stuff dying after working on the front line, fuelling demands for more personal protective equipment.
PPE We spoke to a nursing practitioner who doesn't want us to use his name.
We got a lot of PP in the beginning, but now because we're running out, they've changed the policy on a sending us in with covert patients with just a surgical mask.
Only before we used to wear a gown.
Now they're asking us to go inside with Justin apron.
We're scared.
We're seeing colleagues passed away every day.
We're on the front line and we don't deserve it.
We don't deserve it.
We need mawr.
And this email from Kingston Hospital talks of a national shortage of Ganz saying we anticipate reaching the end of our supply of disposable gowns by tomorrow.
Reusable guns will be issued and star for asked her name and keep them on toe.
Wash them done.
The government has said it is providing huge quantities of equipment.
The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has suggested that staff might be wasting it, and he also questioned where the victims became infected.
The work is going on to establish whether they caught Corona virus in the line of duty whilst at work, or whether, like so many other people in in the rest of their lives, it's It's off the super quite difficult work that out.
But research by the British Medical Association shows more than half of doctors working in high risk environments said they were short of face masks or had none available.
Around 2/3 said they didn't have eye protection on.
More than half said they were being pressured into working in a high risk area despite not having the adequate gear to protect them.
Doctors are also human beings.
They they don't want to become ill.
They don't want their lives to be at risk on what is really worrying us is the numbers off health care workers who have tragically died, so doctors are naturally afraid.
But the one thing is important is to give them the protection on.
That's something the government owes us.
So what?
Today's government briefing ministers and officials were repeatedly pushed on when there'd be enough personal protective equipment.
It's absolutely critical that we get PPE out to allow those are working at the front line s so that they are not only are protected, but they feel safe.
Would it be possible to give a commitment to a date by when the right quantities will reach the right people?
Because every day we hear from certainly NHS frontline staff that they don't have the equipment that they need.
There is a clear plan we're working with not just supplies, but manufacturers to really bolster and boost the supply that we need for PP PP, which quite frankly, is unprecedented during this crisis.
This question is bound to keep coming up as long as health workers and many others feel they're not getting the support they need as the outbreak continues.
David Trochmann, BBC News Well, I'm joined now by our health correspondent Laura Foster Laura.
The number of people dying every day is miserably high.
What was the assessment at the briefing today?
of where we are in this crisis.
Huge numbers and horrible to see, and especially when we know there will be mawr to come in the following days.
But there were charts shown at this afternoon's government press conference, which suggests things are changing in the UK, so the first chart shows the number of people in hospital being treated for covert 19.
It's about 20,000 cases in hospital.
Right now, we've identified the areas with the most cases London, the Midland's, the Northwest and the Northeast.
In Yorkshire, you'll notice there's a little bit of a drop around the ninth of April.
That's because the government said they didn't get data from all the hospitals.
But when you look at the big picture, the government points out, the line is now starting to plateau.
In most regions, that is promising.
The next graph is the number of Corona virus related deaths.
For a number of countries, you can see the U case total is just under 10,000 so not as high as the USA or Spain, but still waffle.
And some people might worry.
We now appear to be on a similar trajectory to Italy, which we've all seen pictures of over the last few months.
But the government's confident that over the next few weeks the benefits of the UK locked down, which started nearly three weeks ago, will really start to kick in on.
That will mean that that straight line starts to bend and that will mean fewer people dying from this virus.
Okay, Laura, many things.
Our correspondent Laura Foster there.
More than 1000 people have been fined for failing to stick to the rules on social distancing across England and Wales.
Details were revealed at the daily news conference by the head of the National Police Chief's council.
The Home secretary announced that more funding for support groups which helped the victims of domestic abuse, will happen.
Home Affairs correspondent Tom Symonds reports day after day the same demand of the British people.
Some experts are surprised at how rigorously we've stuck to the new rules of life in lock down, but technically that's not allowed and even this sort of exercise is likely to prompt questions.
The police have been told to engage, explain, encourage and, if necessary, enforce.
1000 and 84 people have been fined in 37 forces so far, but it does seem to be working.
There are some gray areas, but for the most part you know, I think definitely there's being a decrease in people that often about the first police officer to attend, the daily briefing said.
This was a new world for the public, but also the police.
They have new responsibilities.
They are tackling new risks.
The streets are empty, businesses are closed as we all adapt to a new way of life.
But much does remain the same.
Officers are still out in their communities, fighting crime, protecting victims and tackling antisocial behavior.
Of course, enforcing this is not the only thing the police have to do.
Even now, locked down has changed everything, including crime.
And today we heard that the number of offenses reported to police has fallen by 21% compared to the same time last year.
But there's now a big worry that crime has moved into our homes.
After the BBC broadcast this report about domestic violence during the lock down, a national hotline reported a 120% increase in calls.
The government spending £2 million on improving services for victims, but it's also an area police will have to prioritize along with patrolling the parks.
Tom Simon's BBC News While there's news tonight about the prime minister, I'm joined now by our political correspondent of men, right Ben.
What he learned well, redid The prime minister continues to get better, but it's clear that his convalescence is going to take some time.
Boris Johnson was very seriously ill.
He was in intensive care and, I'm told, is now telling friends that his life was saved by the medical team at ST Thomas's Hospital.
Now Number 10 very reluctant to talk about a timeframe here in terms of when he might leave hospital, will be back at his desk.
But I think it's unlikely he's going to be back at work within the next fortnight or so, and colleagues and doctors are telling him he must take his time to recover properly.
Now he remains the prime minister, of course, but for the moment it's the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, who's in charge of the day to day running of the government.
And of course, this is a critical moment as the government navigates its response to the Corona virus pandemic.
And in the next few days, it needs to decide whether or not to extend the lock down further.
At the moment, all the indications are that that will be extended.
But that decision is going to be made with Dominic Raab in charge.
OK, Ben, Many thanks, Ben, right?


Coronavirus: govt "sorry if people feel there have been failings" as deaths rise - BBC News

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