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you know?
Hey, you know, student, right?
You membership.
How long were you when you first purchased a property?
50 20 to my late 2025.
26 I think 100,000 Council home, making sure that the contracts for tendencies a minimum of three years, right controls in line with inflation houses in ways.
Last year, just a year before that built zero.
Before that, you made the point.
Is this Angela Urine, urine power?
You're in government wheels, so you could be Oh, you could dio passed on by the way to do with austerity.
These are laws that you could pass where you are in power now when you're not doing it.
Nigel's once late to a UKIP reception, and he blamed the traffic in the end, four on immigrants.
I mean, that's how ludicrous says that he believes every source 1,000,000 students and residents have contributed much more to the society we live in.
They have ever taken unequivocally stood up from migrants and refugees when the other parties have compromised on that horrible rhetoric that came out in the referendum.
That's scaremongering.
And Nigel, you standing in front of that breaking point poster was the lowest point in my life.
You know, parties have a racism problem you want to weigh quite right in.
Our manifesto were giving £9 billion to help Mawr energy efficiency, starting with schools and hospitals.
Did you need to go the abolish the Department for Climate Change?
You sold off the good investment through the Green Investor Bank is succeeding in the private sector.
If you don't think there's a role for the private sector in meeting our climate change obligations, then you've gone executive.
The same loony direction is the Labour Party, which just don't call us Allouni part because that's offensive language.
Actually, there's a perfectly reasonable point of view that says I want Scotland to be independent and recognize that there would be a big hit to the economy and that we would be poorer.
But what you're trying to say is that some high there be magic tools that you can do something different.
Final goal.
Wait a minute.
I don't so that when it comes to independence, I'm not for a minute.
See that there's going to be melt rivers of milk and honey forms in this guy and it's gonna be all perfectly normally If you had a chance to get to get on a life boat sinking ship, I think you would take way.
You said you would be worse off if you want to think about a way back for nine years under the tourism, the lift and the nine, what will tear it is because of you we have a Do you have the architects of austerity now.
And whilst Alistair Darling said, your cuts wouldn't be seven Your wrong.
You don't seem to be some of the stories, he said.
Deeper made bythe look a manifest.
So when you look at where the Labour Party is now, compared to where it wants, we're in a better place.
I'm gonna small about I think you should vote on spoiling your ballot paper is a former voting.


Under-30s Question Time: The Highlights - BBC News

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