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  • The World Health Organization says it's investigating the US buying up global supplies of Rum Desert here for the next three months.

  • It's a drunk showing toe work against Cove in 19 his doctor Michael Ryan from the W H O.

  • There are many people around the world were Rasic with with this disease and we want to ensure that everybody has access to the necessary life saving interventions.

  • But as I said, we will reserve our commentary until we verified the exact nature of the contracts.

  • But also we're also aware of other arrangements were put in place for sub licensing and manufacturing out of the country.

  • So let us look at the issues that is.

  • Look at the implications of this, but certainly yes, we can restate.

  • We are come fully committed as an organization on with our partners to equitable access to life saving interventions.

  • More than 500,000 treatment courses for American hospitals have been secured, the vice president explained.

  • The steps US are taking to treat those with the illness.

  • We're in a much better place because of the availability of what's known as therapeutics or medicines to treat people that have contract ID the Corona virus and are experiencing severe symptoms.

  • Dr.

  • Steve Han of the FDA is here, and he will speak about the progress that that we are making, whether it be a availability of rendez severe, which were distributing another traunch this week, the use of blood plasma steroid treatments.

  • And also we continue to hear very hopeful signs about the continuing continuing progress for developing a vaccine for the American people.

  • So what do we know about the drug?

  • Here's our global health correspondent Niamey grimly with more so reading disappear is not exactly a wonder drug when it comes to cope it 19.

  • It has been proven in some trials to reduce the length of stay in hospital by about four days, so it helps some very sick patients reduce their recovery time.

  • But it doesn't cut mortality.

  • Nevertheless, the importance of this story is that, of course, it shows a sort of path of intention that the U.

  • S.

  • May well try to use its economic and financial firepower toe by up drug supplies, and that worries many other countries, including the UK the US continues to struggle to contain Is Corona Virus Outbreak, America's top disease researcher Dr Anthony Fauci has told the US Senate that he would not be surprised if new virus cases in the country reached 100,000 per day that are currently around 40,000.

  • Meanwhile, the U will open its borders to a number of countries outside of the block, and the U.

  • S isn't on that list.

  • Both the U.

  • S and Brazil are still dealing with worsening virus outbreaks and are being kept off that list.

  • China is on the so called safe list, but only with a reciprocal agreement that is still pending.

  • The UK and four other non U states Switzerland, Iceland, Regenstein in Norway are automatically included.

  • A safe.

  • And here's a quick roundup off some other Corona virus developments for you today, first to Spain and Portugal.

  • They have reopened the border between them more than three months after it was closed due to the Corona virus pandemic.

  • The border was re opened with a ceremony that included King Felipe A of Spain, the Portuguese president and two countries.

  • Prime ministers were also there.

  • The travel restrictions elsewhere in the U were lifted last week.

  • The Palestinian authorities have ordered a complete lock down of the West Bank following a surge in Corona virus infections.

  • They're all activity across.

  • The territory will halt for five days from Friday.

  • Only pharmacies, bakeries and supermarkets will be allowed to stay open.

  • The number of new virus cases detected in the West Bank has quadrupled in recent weeks, one of the world's highest rates off infection.

The World Health Organization says it's investigating the US buying up global supplies of Rum Desert here for the next three months.


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コロナウイルス。米国がCovid-19製剤「レムデシビル」のほぼ全量を購入 - BBCニュース (Coronavirus: US Buys nearly all of Covid-19 drug remdesivir - BBC News)

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