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  • Well, uh, Flores.

  • The eyes of the right.

  • 322 nos to the left.

  • 306.

  • Thank you.

  • Eyes to the right.

  • 322 noes to the left.

  • 306.

  • So the eyes have it.

  • The eyes have it unlocked.

  • A very significant moment.

  • This builds in delay.

  • What will the government say?

  • Motion, as amended.

  • Be agreed to is when his other one is a I the country?

  • No, I think the eyes have it.

  • The eyes have it way now.

  • Come to mention to undermine the house that I've selected the management amendment in the name of Peter, Carl and others Minister or whip on duty to milk formally.

  • No move.

  • Thank you.

  • Would, uh, border the Prime Minister speaking?

  • I think I'm very grateful to you.

  • I'm very grateful toe to the House of Commons staff.

  • Everybody who's put themselves out, Everybody who's come to give up their time in this debate today it's been a very important debate and exceptional moment for our country except a moment for our parliament.

  • Alas, the opportunity to have a meaningful vote has effectively Bean passed up because the meaningful vote has been voided off, meaning that I wish the house today, the time not Don't it'll?

  • Dismayed by this particular I think it probably became likely once it was obvious that the amendment for me, our my own, my right honorable friend, the member of West Dorset was going to remain on the order paper.

  • I continue in the very strong belief that the best thing for the UK on for the whole all of Europe is for us to leave with this new deal on October to anticipate the questions that are coming from their benches off.

  • I will not negotiate a delay with the on, and neither does the law compel me to do so.

  • I will tell our friends and colleagues in the EU exactly what I told everyone in the last 88 days that I've served as prime minister.

  • That further delay would be bad for this country on bad for democracy.

  • So next week the government will introduce the legislation needed for us to leave the EU with our new deal on October.

  • The 30 person, I hope I hope, that our European Union colleagues and friends will not be attracted as ventures opposite our Or rather, I should say the front bench is by delay.

  • I don't think that they will be attracted by the way, Andi, I hope that then on remembers faced with a choice of our new deal, our new deal for the UK on the European Union will change their minds because it was pretty close today.

  • I hope that they will change.

  • I hope that they will change their minds on support this deal in overwhelming numbers.

  • Since I became prime minister, I've said we must get on on get Brexit done on October the 31st so that this country move on.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, that policy, that policy remains unchanged.

  • No delays on.

  • I will continue to do all I can to get Brexit done on October.

  • The 31st on guy Continue to commend this.

  • Excellent deal, Mr Speaker.

  • Theo.

Well, uh, Flores.


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議員はBrexit取引の遅延を支持 - BBCニュース (MPs back Brexit deal delay - BBC News)

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