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  • When Vladimir Pigeon became prime minister, it was barely known to anyone in Russia.

  • All that was known about him was that he was from San Petersburg, Andi, that he had by ground in the KGB, which was the powerful Soviet security agency.

  • From this person who was barely known.

  • He very quickly became this national leader.

  • He is rating surged in the first few months to 80% thanks to what the swift reaction to the bombings of apartment blocks in several Russian cities.

  • Some observers say that he is ratings.

  • It can be attributed to feast in part to the image that has been created, maintained twice, safe television.

  • In fact, tightening the grip over media was one of the first things that he did and also of the lack off genuine opposition.

  • Because his critics either have been in exile or dead or facing prosecution, Vladimir Putin has restored Russia's image as a major geopolitical player.

  • He turned the tide off off the war in Syria, and he expounded Russia's influence in the wider at least.

  • He strengthened relations with China and to your next Crimea in 2014 from Ukraine, but also Putin's Russia will be remembered, but by a wave off Allegations over election interference of state sponsored both king and also from allegations of state sponsored assassinations and poisoning.

  • I think Christian is hated and loved in Russia at the same time, and that is largely due to his political course and also the very fact that he has been in path for that long.

  • He once said that a KGB officer is never a former KGB officer and in the way, and he still remains like that.

  • We still don't know that much about him as a person is cultivated this image off him being Matra or the father off the nation.

  • But many critics say he's very thin skinned, doesn't like people poking fun at him or not taking him seriously on.

  • That kind of insecurity sometimes shines through what is proposed allowance, a former president or a sitting president to run, regardless of how many previous terms they have already held.



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ロシア改革。プーチンは永遠にロシアを支配するのか?- BBCニュース (Russia reforms: Will Putin rule Russia forever? - BBC News)

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