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driven out of their homeland, wanted by new one hundreds of thousands stuck in the world's largest refugee camp more than two years since the Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh.
Scared, hungry and desperate.
Fear has given way to hopelessness, but grief is often just a heartbeat away.
Become tells Mel mean Mars military snatched her baby and threw her in a fire.
She says her parents and most of her siblings were shot dead on.
She was gang raped by four singers.
You've got my everyone she's with in this photo was killed and resume a bigger wants justice for them.
Souci is lying in front of the world that the military didn't do anything.
If she takes me to my village, I can show her where and how my family was killed.
I can prove everything, she says.
One of her brothers managed to escape.
His son and wife were killed in front of him.
Looks like I'm a life, but inside I feel like I'm dead.
I'm so angry they want to eradicate the Rohingya on Islam from Myanmar.
That is why they're killing us.
The world is not doing enough.
Give us our rights.
Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were killed in for this majority.
Myanmar, The U.
N called it textbook ethnic cleansing.
Me and Mark denies charges of genocide.
Here in Bangladesh, they found shelter, but it's not a life of freedom.
Their movement is restricted.
Mobile phone services are bend in a country where poverty is widespread, patience is now running out.
Two attempts by Bangladeshis government to facilitate the return of the Rohingyas to Myanmar have failed because people are simply too scared to go back.
They don't believe they'll be safe there.
But each day they continue to live here.
Tensions between them and locals who feel out numbered by the refugees are rising outside the camps.
Villagers are angry and resentful.
Way help the Rohingyas when they came But now our land is being taken out of a job.
They're given friend shelter everything.
What about us?
A good night for the Rohingya life is an endless cycle of waiting for food, water, dignity for justice and, above all, a safe return to their home.


Myanmar Rohingya: Suu Kyi to defend genocide charge at UN court - BBC News

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