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  • Let's talk about Mike Bloomberg, world's ninth richest person, former mayor of New York and a man who wants to be president.

  • Very mind, it doesn't officially arrive on the ballot until March.

  • The third.

  • That's Super Tuesday, when the Democratic Party is gonna hold primaries across 14 states.

  • But he's very much in this race already.

  • You may have seen on Wednesday Donald Trump saying it's not worried about Mr Bloomberg is more worried about facing Bernie Sanders.

  • But today the president tweeted Mini Mike is a 5454 massive dead energy.

  • It doesn't want to be on the debate stage with these professional politicians.

  • He hates crazy Bernie and will, with enough money, possibly stop him.

  • Bernie's people will go nuts toe, which Michael Bloomberg replied directly to the president, Donald Trump.

  • We know many of the same people in New York behind your back.

  • They laugh at you and call you a carnival barking clown.

  • They know you inherited a fortune and squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence.

  • I have the record and resources to defeat you, and I will.

  • So the two men are obviously getting on Well, it's evident Mr Bloomberg sees the president's wealth as an attack line.

  • Have a look at this last week?

  • Do you think people are interested in seeing two billionaires fight out over Twitter?

  • Or in the way that you guys seem to be going out to billionaires?

  • Who is the 2nd 1?

  • Touche.

  • Well, here's the BBC's North America correspondent, Anthony, circa.

  • And it got Remember, these two ah individuals have a history that goes back decades in New York City?

  • S O.

  • The fact that this is becoming personal in a kind of New York City politics stored away trading insults.

  • I guess that shouldn't be too surprising.

  • But it's a fight that Michael Bloomberg is looking for.

  • He's seeking this out because, I think hey, views is that as elevating his standing among the Democrats, proving that he's someone who could go toe to toe with Donald Trump and fight him in his own element on social media and come out the better for other candidates have tried, certainly, but generally it's very difficult to take on Donald Trump and these sorts of situations.

  • So in this curious situation where he's campaigning, But he's not even on the ballot year now, he's not on the ballot.

  • He is doing something that's unorthodox in the history of modern American presidential primary politics and that skipping Iowa and New Hampshire and the other early states and focusing solely on the Super Tuesday states the whole handful of states across the country, some of them very large, like Texas and California, that are holding their primaries that the first Tuesday in March and theory is he doesn't need to build up steam in Iowa or New Hampshire.

  • He doesn't need to make a name for himself that way.

  • He has virtually a limitless resource is $62 billion in personal wealth that he can devote towards advertising in these states, like California, like Texas, that are huge media markets that none of the other candidates safe.

  • Or maybe you know Bernie Sanders can compete with because they just don't have the campaign.

  • Resource is its unconventional has never been tried before, but in theory it could work because money is not an issue for him.

  • Money is not an issue, of course.

  • Elections aren't won by money alone but certainly helps, and Michael Bloomberg's already spent over $300 million.

  • That's more than all the other candidates put together more than Barack Obama spent on his entire campaign in 2012.

  • And it's having an impact.

  • He is one national poll from earlier in the week.

  • Mike Bloomberg there on 15%.

  • That puts him third by and Joe Biden is currently going down and down, and Bernie Signers he's had a pretty good week.

  • Also bear in mind Mr Bloomberg saying he'll spend around a $1,000,000,000 taking on Donald Trump whether he's the Democratic candidate or nods on.

  • Much of that money is going on.

  • Targeted ads.

  • His Steph Kite from Axios on.

  • Why the Trump campaign really found this new way to use Facebook to benefit the campaign to push out ads.

  • They really figured out a really unique trick, and they their their king of this kind of campaign advertising.

  • And so now we're seeing Bloomberg, who's spending even more than Trump on Facebook ads and other and other television as a network advertising on and continuing to go after Trump.

  • One thing that we've noticed in a lot of his ads is that he really does present himself as a stark contrast to Trump.

  • He goes after Trump's policies he spends very little time going after other Democratic candidates at this point.

  • When pressed, he will.

  • Bloomberg will criticize in kind of subtle ways, but he is really all about running the general election.

  • He is running his campaign as if it is him versus Donald Trump, and you see that a lot in the kind of adds that he's that he's putting out.

  • And it's not just focus on conventional advertising.

  • The Bloomberg campaign is commissioned some of the Internet's top viral content creators to generate content about him.

  • A group called Mean 2020 is being engaged to create this sponsored content, particularly for Instagrams of his one example on kale salad, a mean page with over 3.5 1,000,000 followers.

  • It's in the form of a message conversation between Mr Bloomberg and the account owner, Mr Bloomberg says.

  • Hello, Mr Salad.

  • Can you post this mean to make me seem called to which he says, I'd like to be compared with Kale, tough and tasteless, but good for you, the page replies.

  • That isn't funny.

  • Which of course, is true, Mr Bloomberg says.

  • I'll give you a $1,000,000,000 and there's more like that plenty off them all state.

  • They're sponsored by Mike Bloomberg.

  • Reactions being mixed This guy's saying anyone sharing a pro Bloomberg name is forever canceled.

  • Please pass it on.

  • Others, More impressed says I'm not a Bloomberg fan, but this strategy of leaning into me McCown's in super awkward ways on insta is kind of great.

  • Well, his Anthony in Washington's assessment, The reality is that Michael Bloomberg is running his presidential campaign like a multi $1,000,000,000 media empire, which he heads.

  • So it is, Ah, different kind of a strategy.

  • But when you have these kind of resource is that he has, he can try different avenues.

  • Try different experimental techniques that may be previous campaigns.

  • Haven't tried that haven't been applied.

  • Teoh Traditional political campaigning I've been talking with some Bernie Sanders supporters over the past week.

  • I was at his headquarters just couple nights ago in New Hampshire, and I brought up Michael Bloomberg to them, and Boy, they do not like him.

  • I mean, Bernie Sanders has campaigned against billionaires over the course of the past five years, and for them to face the prospect of a billionaire sinking resource is into these kind of advertising campaigns and such a huge amount.

  • They view it as just another example of a system that's out to get their guy.

Let's talk about Mike Bloomberg, world's ninth richest person, former mayor of New York and a man who wants to be president.


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