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  • leaders of the fitness and leisure industries have criticized the government's decision that because they are classed as close proximity businesses, they should not be allowed to reopen on July.

  • The fourth, unlike pubs, headdresses, cinemas on other venues in England, Swim England is also called on ministers to reconsider the decision.

  • Government says that gyms and pools should be able to open their doors in mid July.

  • Our sports correspondent, Natalie Perks has more details.

  • It seems a bit of a kick in the teeth away long.

  • We've been told that following the science, now they're following the economists.

  • I'd love to know the science behind how you can open a purple, not open, a cynical, a flavor off the dismay and disappointment from some in sport today as gyms remain silent and Paul's life still, it is Adam Peaty s World Records.

  • Come on, Adam.

  • PC Olympic champion Adam Peaty tweeted his anger at pubs being opened before Paul's on tonight.

  • He told the BBC there's been a lack of clarity from the dozens very disappointed with the decision, because I don't feel like it's been.

  • I appreciate it, and it would have been on almost kind of UH, explained in a sense toe, any athlete or governing bodies, we've just been told that show has been reason.

  • What?

  • Of course, it's not just swimming that's being affected by these delays.

  • There are around 7000 leisure facilities across the whole, off the UK, and it's estimated it's worth around £7.7 billion every year to the economy Now.

  • In addition, the wider physical activity sector employees around 400,000 people, and it's estimated up to 100,000 of them could lose their jobs, with 2800 leisure facilities closing down.

  • All because of this crisis, the government received detailed guides weeks ago showing just how facilities could reopen safely with things like screens around cardio equipment, reduced numbers in gyms and ramped up cleaning procedures.

  • But scientists say currently they still pose too high a risk.

  • Perspex screens may will help, but then you would imagine that that the screens will end up covered cover didn't respected droplets.

  • Onda could end up being a bill that potential site for contamination.

  • There are those who rely on indoor facilities like wheelchair rugby players.

  • Children are missing out on sports clubs, particularly with school p e off the cards for most.

  • And with obesity, one of the major causes of deaths from Cove in 19.

  • Some feel the government's priorities are all wrong.

  • Every is desperate for a pint, right?

  • But the reality is that this is a This is a health crisis on the best way to address a health crisis is by getting one of the key sectors who can combat Kobe 19 and support the rehabilitation from Kobe.

  • 19.

  • Upper running.

  • The government says the aim is to start reopening indoor leisure facilities from mid July.

  • But one thing is certain.

  • The long term future of public leisure will need help way beyond that.

  • Natalie Perks, BBC News in Scotland The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has been giving details off the way that the lock down rules would be eased.

  • Our Scotland correspondent, Lorna Gordon, is in Glasgow with the latest Yes, you.

  • The first minister has followed a careful, cautious strategy in the speed of easing locked down measures here measures, she said, which were helping to drive the rate of the virus down towards the point off elimination in which she said, gave her the confidence now to set out dates for the easing of MAWR restrictions.

  • So next Friday, the third of July, we will see the five mile travel restriction here in Scotland, eased and self catering holiday accommodation be opening for business on the six pubs, cafes and restaurants can open their outdoor areas back up to customers.

  • Then, on the 10th up to three households will be able to meet indoors.

  • The big one, though, is the 15th.

  • That's when the tourism sector will be able to reopen fully when museums, libraries and art galleries can open their doors back up on when the indoor areas of bars, cafes, restaurants and hairdressers can open to customers Once again.

  • The two meter rule, though for now, stays in place in Scotland.

  • The first minister is seeking more scientific advice on that on.

  • We expect more news on that towards the end of next week.

  • Lorna.

leaders of the fitness and leisure industries have criticized the government's decision that because they are classed as close proximity businesses, they should not be allowed to reopen on July.


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フィットネスとレジャー産業は、ロックダウンの制限に終止符を打つことを要求 - BBC ニュース (Fitness and leisure industry demands end to lockdown restrictions - BBC News)

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