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Yes, this is a control.
Ariel ph You we have their or the monitors centralize on.
Also, they usually in all the patients admitted in the in this area, the nurses preparing medication for a patient have more left for the all these area is Kobe area.
We have 18 patients in the area with pneumonia.
Some of them have mechanical ventilation.
No meeting the most of the cases would have with Kobe.
Omonia expression is mechanical ventilation and also more support for oxygenation.
The biggest problem for the city will be the intensive care units.
We moved apply for five the capacity for intensive care.
You, me.
But even in this case, we are not sure that we will have enough resources to attend all people that needs mechanical ventilation.
We have 169 patients in a meeting in the intensive care unit today or in the Midwest, 56 bets on obviously would have 169 or capacity probably will arrive toe 303 100 bets.
But depending on what will be the course of the off the dynamics, we will have the problem that even 300 would be not you know, to solve the big problem.
So this whole it doesn't shock finish our shift much style and you as well and we work under a lot of pressure.
Plus, the PP's are very comfortable to wear, so it's an extra.
You cannot keep getting in and out of the room.
So you really have to plan your work carefully.
So we have quite a lot of tension on the team.
Also, we have stuff that is not usually and I see you.
So you have to try and teach them as well as your job.
You see very, very unwell patients and quite young.
They cannot have visits from their families and they are scared.
The ones that are awake, they are really scared.
They are really worried about what will happen to them.
So, yeah, we try to comport them about its heart.
You really feel that you can't do everything here should So we do our best.
We try to realize our work and we do the best we can.


The staff battling coronavirus in a Barcelona ICU - BBC News

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