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  • not a cent of China because the Corona virus death toll there is now above 80.

  • We know thousands of others are infected.

  • Let me show you some of the pictures that have come in in the last few hours.

  • This is a hospital in Wuhan.

  • It's under extreme pressure because of dwindling supplies and rising patient numbers, and you can see the conditions in which staff for having toe work.

  • It's a very different scene outside.

  • This is the center of Wuhan.

  • It's a city that's home to 11 million people.

  • Not that you would know it.

  • Many of the streets are deserted.

  • People are being told they can't leave the city.

  • They're being advised to stay indoors.

  • Meanwhile, everyone else in China is being told.

  • Stay away from Wuhan.

  • Nexus is Beijing.

  • You'll see.

  • A number of people were not from that shop.

  • There lost people wearing face Mars.

  • This is much quieter than the public transport would normally be, because people simply reluctant to go out and then this is really interesting.

  • A factory in Fujian Province in eastern China, it's desperately trying to meet the spiralling demand for facemasks across China.

  • Well, on top of that we know half a 1,000,000 medical staff have been deployed toe one province who've a province in Wuhan where the outbreak began.

  • Also the New Year holidays being extended.

  • That's to try and reduce the number of people traveling all over China in the next few days.

  • But a graphic here to show you how much the virus is spreading, the darker the red, the mawr cases there are.

  • So here is who bait province 1400 cases there because the other places nearby with dark red as well.

  • Most of the fatalities in Wuhan have been elderly people or those with preexisting respiratory problems.

  • Then this is a graphic of the World Health Organization showing us how it's spread outside of China.

  • 44 cases from countries from far field Frantz Australia, Canada, the US, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam.

  • The list goes on.

  • Almost every one of those cases is someone who had recently bean to Wuhan.

  • And there being no fatalities outside China, I should Well, there's been a lot of focus on the mayor of Wuhan and how he's handled this crisis.

  • Here he is on Chinese state TV, facing a sudden virus outbreak are continuous work wasn't performed well enough.

  • I feel that our capability of dealing with a crisis needs to be improved.

  • Woman well for more on how the mayor's handling this epidemic.

  • Here's Celia had he has offered to resign if it's found that he just didn't his efforts weren't good enough.

  • He also admitted that they could have Dunmore to to slow down the spread of the virus faster.

  • But he's also kind of at the same time blamed Beijing blamed three authorities right at the central government because, he said, Look, we wanted to to spread the news faster but we had to get Beijing's permission first before we could report that there was an outbreak hospitals and were under under severe pressure.

  • As I was saying, one solution to this is simply to be to build a new hospital.

  • This is a picture of China's premier visiting a construction site of a new 1000 bed hospital in Wuhan and the Chinese air in a rush.

  • With this, you see the number of diggers involved.

  • We're told engineers have been brought in from across China to help.

  • The plan is to build this in days outside of Wuhan, one in Beijing, The authorities have now closed the Forbidden City to tourists have also closed a section of the Great Wall of China, and many locals are either choosing not to go at it all or reducing.

  • Going out to a slow as possible is one resident in Beijing Way were very scared today.

  • If it was not for my wife who had to come to the hospital for a prenatal exam, we would not come out.

  • And that's it from Carry on.

  • She's a China Media analyst from BBC Monitoring.

  • She's often on outside source here.

  • She is speaking about some of those affected.

  • But seeing that at least 30 provinces have implemented what's known as a level one kind of emergency, so to speak, and so a lot of schools, for example, across the country there now delaying opening their classes.

  • I mean, I was speaking to friends this morning who were teachers in Shanghai on they've been told by the local government that there they shouldn't go out and if they do go out to wear a mask, they've been told that term Times announce suspended for three weeks and companies have to wait two weeks, so a lot of people are very much on hold.

  • They don't know whether they're going to work or to school.

  • Yeah, they're frightened to go out well, this is happening.

  • The World Health Organization has come out and apologize for mis categorizing the global risk posed by this virus.

  • Last week, it said the risk was moderate.

  • Now it says it should have said it was high and for more on how the W.

  • H O.

  • Is coordinating with the Chinese authorities.

  • Italian Fung from BBC Chinese in Washington Well, I would speak to some public health experts who say extra.

  • The Chinese government has done a better job in communicating with the international community regarding the outbreak.

  • But do many online's net.

  • Persson's from China criticized the Chinese government delaying information release regarding the case cons and regarding how contain jizz the virus could be.

  • Some people lash out at the governor off Kobe, who in a press conference yesterday had to correct himself not only once but twice over the number of face mass produced in his province.

  • And many Chinese see that as a signed up incompetence, and they're demanding for hiss rest ignitions.

  • But it's also worth pointing out that many of those criticism actually target the local authorities, rounded and essential government.

  • And that's probably why those messages can still survive on Chinese Internet and toward degree of the holidays around the New year.

  • Complicating the authorities.

  • Response.

  • Yes, eso The Lunar New Year started on Saturday, but it's worth pointing out the Chinese celebrated festival over course off roughly two weeks.

  • It's not only one day and, of course, this is the time when Chinese travel lots on also many business, even some governments.

  • Suspense the operation on that certainly becomes a very complicating effect in delaying the efforts off combat teams of virus.

  • But we can see that Beijing has mobilized the whole country.

  • Teoh, fight our Brit right now on the Mulia dates a Chinese leadership had a meeting.

  • It has two major guidelines for proper Gondo less information release.

  • The first of war is to be s transparent as possible To release the case count on a timely manner.

not a cent of China because the Corona virus death toll there is now above 80.


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