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have been share court.
I've been Hank Uvda and I've been blend forward.
And also he met me.
Quoted they put a hood on your head?
For how many hours With that last?
I don't know.
Because I cannot see anything but very for a long time.
And then they Hank off me like this.
Your hands are cuffed, they hang.
Hang on something.
Yes, exactly.
And then stopped to torture, for example, Like with the hands up Hank off.
And for several hours and that's you feel painful.
And then, for example, you need to do lots of extreme exercise.
Distract task Stack, for example.
You need Teoh something like this for several hours as well.
And you shift.
Your elected was shuffled.
I did not stand still.
And if you tried to sit down or stop what would happen, that would fit me?
Yeah, and then even they did they be?
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
They were asked where the consulate instruct me to to mingle with the protest.
They got me as a mastermind, represents the UK Consulate instructor and recruit volunteers from the staff to tap into and stay tuned status of protective and report back to consulate.
Actually, I cried and I sat.
I don't need to talk to me.
I would say anything you wanted to say, but I want to make one.
I'm saying clear.
Is that I didn't you Okay, UK Devens Asai Any resources materials and something to protest one young girl.
And then one off The interrogator told me she is also because of the protest.
I've been brought city detentions and I realized not only me, it's a bunch off their people also from Hong Kong court.
Because off the protest How many do you think?
What I saw is about 10.
But I'm not sure how many, but I But I would feel quite a lot.
And I hurt someone's book in Cantonese saying that raise your hands up because his that you raise lots of flags when you was in the protest, isn't it?
Raise your hands up quite loud.
And I feel that is a torture part of torture.
Because I remember I had been taught.
Have been raised my handsome as well.
Have you ever I visited a prostitute.
If you have a solicited prostitution, did you inch engine Have you at any point in your life.
I don't want to focus on the question when I solicit prostitution because there's exactly what they want.
So I just wanted to stay clear.
Here is that I did nothing recordable to those people.
I chose enough.
I did nothing recordable to that.


Former UK consulate worker says China tortured him - BBC News

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