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hundreds of men, all standing close together, waiting, queuing for food.
There's no concept of social distancing for the sake of their own health from behind me as they look away from the Q, their tents clustered all over the sand dunes here and people living right on top of each other profoundly on sanitary situation.
I'm on a journey through the migrant experiences Calais and inland.
For people who were already living on the margins, the arrival of the Corona virus has been nothing short of catastrophic.
There's hundreds of migrants here in Calais hoping to make it to the UK.
We firmed here nearly three weeks into the French locked down, while the French government to started to move some of them to shelter.
Not all want to go because they're afraid they'll be detained once the crisis is over.
And any chance of getting to Britain with vanish when I was one has got the virus.
The virus spreads everywhere very fast.
Look at them and they are.
Three of them are very close from each other.
Have some pity you wouldn't do this to adult, would you?
So you're doing it to human beings.
Well, I'm ashamed of being French.
They've bean rate, they've bean assorted.
They've been They've been ransomed.
They've been tortured.
I'm sick of this world from Darfur, Afghanistan, the Middle East.
Most people would only speak to us off camera.
You're a Frank if the virus.
But you cannot do it.
I'm looking at the conditions you're living in, your role crowded on top of each other.
It's dangerous.
Yes, it's really no one difficult in here.
It is not, you know, good food.
They don't know any.
I think what?
No clothes, no shoe, too much roller and each other.
But even if they get to London in lock down, migrants will find that the asylum process, like so much else, is stalled on this little hope of getting any work in this climate.
One undocumented migrant from Africa had been surviving on our jobs and help from friends with desperate.
We have no way of paying rent can't get anywhere.
There are no places offering accommodation.
No one giving you money to buy groceries.
Food banks are closed in Calais now there are many migrants who want to get here.
What would you say to them?
I would tell the migrants in Calais.
Not to think it gets easier not to have that much hope.
Just because you're not in the camp doesn't mean that you are going to be treated human.
It's just the same circumstances, different setting.
A small number of food banks are still operating.
I went to north London to see what the British Red Cross was doing.
I have a daughter and I have a wife.
I was working for restaurant.
No, I'm struggling this way.
I'm coming here, You know, My family doesn't have food.
That's what you think.
This center is a lifeline for those who are surviving with very few resources.
And while this is a charity, the workers here do their level best to make it feel about sharing living up to the larger rhetoric of unity off compassion in these desperate times.
With borders shutting, unemployment rising, there's growing fear for migrants about how they'll be regarded and treated.
And none that I met was convinced a new era of welcome would come from this crisis.


Coronavirus: Virus deepens struggle for migrants - BBC News

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