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now a lorry driver has appeared in court charged in connection with the deaths off 39 people found in a refrigerated container at a port in eastern England.
Morris Robinson, who appeared by video link, has been charged with 39 counts of manslaughter and conspiracy to traffic people.
He's been rounded in custody to appear at the Central Criminal Court in four weeks.
Meanwhile, the families of those feared dead have been holding vigils on ceremonies back in Vietnam.
Many are thought to have come from the village of Yen Don, from where Johnson head reports a community overwhelmed by shock and despair.
They haven't heard from sons and daughters who were on route to Britain for days, and they all fear the worst okay.
Earlier this year, labor and hard left Vietnam to seek his fortune in Europe.
Since he left, his wife has given birth to their second child.
He was the great hope of this family.
The news from Britain has left them stunned.
His wife, Ha, can't eat or speak.
His father, Lay Mingkwan, is in console herbal, constantly hugging his eldest grandchild.
He believes he's lost not just his son but his livelihood as well.
He mortgaged all his land to borrow the money he paid for live in hearts, journey, double high ball.
They don't win.
The debt he left us is huge, he said.
We don't know when we can pay it back.
I'm too old now and my health is poor.
It's been a day of prayer here and of neighbors doing what they can to offer comfort.
They used in this part of Vietnam to saying goodbye to their young men and women.
Money sent back from abroad is important to the local economy, and here Britain is their preferred destination.
Wind in Long had already been living abroad for two years before deciding to take the last risky trip across the channel.
His family believes he, too, was inside the ill fated container.
Well, I know about England is it's not far from France, said his father, and I heard it was safe going to England that nothing would happen.
Saving on borrowing to send their young focus overseas has become a routine practice in these villages.
It's also become a richly profitable business for the traffickers, a pitiless and a dangerous one.
A few people here realized, as they surely do now, just how dangerous it could be.


Essex lorry deaths: Agony builds for Vietnamese families - BBC News

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