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when it's the birth of your child, you want to feel like you're in control, you know, So not that's pretty scary.
The Kogan 19 outbreak has obviously been very terrifying, especially for pregnant women.
I would advise for everyone to come up with a plan, come up with a plan with their family, and their loved ones, come up with a plan together with their Colby's.
Traditionally, if you're pregnant, the United States you visit with the doctor for regular checkups leading up to your duty.
When it's time to give birth, you're hospitalized.
Go until labor and released a couple of days following your Childs birth.
Now Kuvin 19 is changing.
Some of that hospitals are restricting partners from being a part of the birthing process.
Fears over the Corona virus are leading more pregnant women to consider delivering their babies at home.
So the couple purchase this medical supply kit online, preparing for a possible poll birth.
Everything just super insert.
We talked to pregnant women about how they're feeling and how the Corona virus pandemic is making them rethink their birth plans.
Mining is Carly wagers.
I am 22 years old.
I'm expecting my first child.
I was already at high risk pregnancy.
It's very likely that I will have to be a subsection or I will go into creature labor every day.
The news is kind of scene or bleak.
I went from feeling so prepared and then assume Is this hit?
Well, you know, money has to come from somewhere.
My partner got laid off two, rarely because of the virus.
Want to be proactive and, you know, prepare for things, but you don't know what to prepare for.
Presidency is already a stressful and challenging time.
They are major life changes, body changes, emotional changes and pregnancy during a pandemic brings all kinds of new challenges and stressful situations.
To this is Dr Lena Wen.
She's a physician, the former health commissioner of Baltimore and a former president of Planned Parenthood.
For her, this is also personal.
I am 38 weeks pregnant myself.
At the moment, pregnant people are still medically vulnerable because of changes to their immune system to their physiology and should take extra precautions the way that other categories of people who are medically vulnerable should take precautions as well.
We believe, based on the limited data, we have that there is no maternal fetal transmission because there isn't Kobe 19 found in amniotic fluid.
It's not found in breast milk, but these are preliminary studies, and there is a lot that we just don't know about.
The impact of Kobe 19 on pregnancy with being pregnant is terrifying enough.
Um, because of all of the things that could go wrong because of Anita's age, she's even more at risk.
I'm in my mid to late forties.
I was going to have a baby shower that I was excited about, because this is a first pregnancy and I may not be able to have that.
That's kind of Ah, heartbreaking.
Anita lives in New York, the epicenter of the virus in the United States.
Right now, there's always the fear of infection and contamination.
You're still dealing with medical staff.
You wonder how much cross pollination there is.
Unfortunately, when we look at what has happened in other countries, they are certainly documented cases of people having delayed care during pregnancy or even foregoing certain types of pure during pregnancy because their providers have simply not been available due to this overwhelming of capacity demands on our health care system.
I actually was going.
Teoh, look into a doula around now.
And, of course, with these new recommendations, I'm not sure it's the right thing to do.
Now is the time to prepare.
This is not a time to panic.
There are steps that we can take to prepare ourselves and our families.


Coronavirus: 'Pregnancy during a pandemic is terrifying' - BBC News

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