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I really just want to say that I am hopeful because I feel something different about this protest way.
Keep pushing.
If I can compare this to running a mile on the track, you have four laps were on lap 1.5.
We're moving to two.
We need everyone since they hydrated and nourished and to keep moving our way around this track.
I see so much happening.
I see different races out here.
I see so many people having their input.
Their contribution.
Everyone's contribution won't look the same.
But I love that everyone is contributing in some way.
If the government doesn't change, the movement was will continue to happen.
The government.
Sit back and be salad.
Act like this is not happening.
The people will stay out here until change happens.
Hold him accountable with wave.
Hold him out.
It's something about just keeping the pressure up, reminding people that this is not something that's going to last for one or two news cycles.
This is something that's going to be kept up until there is systemic change within the American criminal justice system so that minority communities are no are no longer brutalized while it is an election year.
If we can get presidential nominee Biden to really talk about these issues and I have these crucial conversations that the momentum could stay on this movement, a big part of solving this problem is recognizing our own privilege as as to white people.
Andi, I think that we are stepping up and doing our part because the first step is recognising your privilege, educating yourself and then using your privilege as a tool for positive change.
You know you can't you can't deny that we have to use what we have.
The best thing you can Dio is just peacefully protest, send links for petitions, send links for protests and make sure to get information out there in protest for yourself.
The biggest thing that I think everybody needs to understand is African Americans and minorities have been protesting this for years.
Our voices really and I'm not whole as much power as we got some of our white.
It's just it's trying to listen as much as I can, um, Teoh appreciate, like what has been given to me and use my privilege to try to help all non black parents, allies I need you to start having conversations about racial relations in the United States when your Children are going off to school and kindergarten, same as I do because I need to make sure you don't raise Children that will kill mine.
That is what I mean from you.
So I just asked all of my allies for one.
Thank you.
And I act that you just acts a black.
What can I do during this time?
How can I contribute during this time?


How DC protesters are keeping up the momentum - BBC News

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