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get off next.
Come again?
I want to get through plan.
Beating this first you saw disease straight.
Everyone has the same.
This is a disease that is so dangerous on so infections.
Without drastic measures to check its progress, he would well any health system in the world I used.
The Italian health system is excellent on.
The problem is open the health system.
It's the numbers off the SARS.
That's why we announced the steps.
Yes, they did.
The rising against unnecessary called President.
Just go.
They haven't met on the spread of the disease.
Both routes will also reduce suffering.
I like everyone at this stage football's world for this advice.
I stress little divisions already extremely may Well have your brother on Foster in the coming days to protect lives on.
Secondly, we're doing all we can and as quickly as we can to increase the capacity of the jets.
That means more testing beds, ventilators.
Another friend.
Stop means greater support.
They suggest another star and it is much better data on much better.
Just do what we can to do.
Science research, Study this disease test drugs already exist, being indebted trials to see what helps create severe cases on such a vaccine.
We was at like a wartime government and do whatever it takes to support our That's the name of this restaurant.
We will support millions of businesses on tens of thousands of families and individuals through the coming months.
I had to do that.
Government machine must and will respond with a profound sense of urgency.
Thousands of British officials already.
But we must do more on Foster.
Chances would be saying much more about this in a moment.
We further announcements in the we will need to strength of a public services will be under great pressure from the darling to indirect debts of the disease substance the nets stop shortages for institutions will be on and we will that invest huge in the people that we will rely on a rock get I want our public service what they already to be this crisis.
We need a combination for best science, technology, medicine data covered operations equally, schools, leading countries.
And so so this from Gesell, we will have more more about the disease and the pets of our actions.
What we need national using also need international corporation I'm really now need to impose physical distance between ourselves.
You must at the same time close up social support.
Yes, this enemy can be dead.
But he's also we have to beat it.
I mean it.
As a country we followed The start is no given We know that we will be on However, talk months said we have Zo on the resources to me what I'm doing building well, he takes All right, thank you.
You're going on a pandemic is a public health emergency But it is also an economic emergency.
We have never in peace time faced an economic fight like this one.
I know that people will be worried.
I know the people's anxiety about the disease itself is matched only by their anxiety about well This week I set out an initial economic response.
I promise to do whatever it takes to support our economy through this crisis.
But if the situation changes, I would hesitate to take further action that is about to begin during today.
This struggle will not be overcome by a single package of measures.
My stated interventions It will be walking through a connective national.
Every one of us doing all we can to protect family, neighbors, friends.
Jules, This national effort will be under like government interventions in the economy on a scale unimaginable only a few weeks ago.
This is not a time for ideology.
This is a time to be bald, a time for courage.
I want to reassure every British system.
This government will give you a lot of tools.
You need to get through this.
We visible jobs with it was a whole business.
And we will help you protect you.
We will do whatever it takes is a budget.
Last week, I said on the first day of our economic response with 30 billion just pull the people business.
Well, I wasn't said in the budget as the situation involved.
We would take the direction as employment is just that Yesterday we're now the false growth off of the upwards.
He has that the next age health.
And so I know everyone all the next day, just the government will stand behind.
This is small.
I announce today an unprecedented government back and guarantee loads.
Just pull business to get through this today I'm making available on little £330 billion of guarantees equivalent to 15% of our GDP.
That means any business who needs access to cash to pay that went that salaries, supplies purchased or will be able to access a government backed loans credit on attractive.
And if demand is greater than the initial 330 video pounds are making available today, I will go further and provide as much capacity as required, I said.
What ever taste that support will be delivered through two main stains to support liquidity?
A lot larger?
I have today agreed a new lending facility with the governor of the bank of to provide locals easily accessible commercial to support lending to small and medium sized businesses.
I'm extending the new business interruption steam.
I announced it.
So the role of the loads the 4.2 video pounds it will now provide loads up to £5 million with no interest you for the 1st 6 months, both of these things will be up and running by the start of next, and I was taking a new legal power in the code belt off the lock.
Ever further financial support, I decide is necessary.
Some sectors, all facing particularly huge challenges in the coming days.
My colleague, this effort state transport deny we'll discuss a potential support specifically for apples.
And yesterday I also my talented colleagues did virtually being meetings over the coming days with business leaders and representatives in the most affected sectors to identify other specific opportunity to support them on their industries, including possible ready for that Well, I will be.
We will do whatever it takes.
Second, as well as access to finance business, need support with their cash flow and fixed costs following the change medical advice yesterday their clubs, theatres, another hospitality, leisure and retail, letting that those businesses which do have a policy for insurance that covers pandemics, that the government's action is sufficient and will allow businesses to make an insurance fight against their many of those businesses don't have in shorts.
So we will need to do more finance last week that businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors with a graceful value of less than £51,000 they will pay no business rates.
This today I could go further provide those businesses in the sectors with an additional cash brought of up to £25,000 business to help break through this.
Additionally, I'm also extending today the business rates holiday to all businesses in those sectors.
There are people that means every single shop, pop theater, music bending restaurant and any other business in the retail hospitality leisure sector will pay business rates whatsoever for 12 months.
And if they have a racial value of less than £51,000 they also now get a cash as well.
I also announced last week that we will be providing £3000 cash rolls to the 700,000 the smallest businesses.
It's like the new circumstances to support their cash flow.
Today, I will increase those actuals to £10,000 taken together on top of the unlimited letting Castillo already announced.
This is a package of direct support to businesses through tax cuts and grants in this financial year worth more than £20 billion.
On that council talk of the existing multi £1,000,000,000 package I set, which included reimbursing small and medium sized companies for the cost of stature.
Local authorities will be fully compensated for the costs of these measures on the devolved administrations will receive at least three off £1,000,000,000 in additional funding.
As a result of these measures to provide support to businesses in Scotland, Wales and I will need to get, we will do whatever it takes.
I was strengthened.
Pull the people's at individuals That budget.
Last week I committed £1 billion to support the financial security of vulnerable people throughout the £1,000,000,000 boost to the welfare system.
Hold the video home ship Following discussions with the industry today, I can announce that those difficulty due to Corona virus mortgage that will now offer a three month mortgage today so that people will not have to pay a penny towards the more they get lefty on becoming guys, I will go much further to support people's for natural security.
In particular, I work with trade unions and business words urgently develop new forms of employment support to help protect people's dolls on their incomes through this period.
As I said last week, this is first and foremost a public company.
I reiterate today that will end results is the NHS needs it.
Let that one town result.
When I said in the budget that we will do everything we can to keep this country and our people healthy and financially.
The measures are announced today off call A comprehensive, coordinated and here, in response to what is a serious evolving economic situation.
These are I was out the next days of our response.
In the coming days, we have never faced an economic fight like this will be.
We will get through this.


Coronavirus: Emergency cash to help businesses and operations delayed - BBC News

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