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most visceral part.
Was it being thrown into the harbor?
That's what really got me.
Port cities, places most well known in the UK for favor you.
Miller Passage is that part where the Insulate Africans were taken from the West Coast over to the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean.
The Middle Passage has claimed so many lives.
Every costing is almost like being returned to that he's being sent into a water agree the consequence of slavery.
His racism killing off George Floyd was racism That I understand would trigger off the reaction about the statue because they've been protesting a long time.
The statue of Edward Colston embraced ALS, just one of many dedicated white man who were involved in the UK slave trade.
Cities all over the country have profited from slavery with the money building houses, schools, streets and hospitals.
People think it's hyperbole when we say it's built into every brick of the nation, but, like it's not roads you're walking on is a product of slavery.
What those men date like a Coulson is not removable.
This is the statue of William Gladstone.
He was the son of a slave owner on opposed to abolishing slavery.
He was also a four time British prime minister.
Just this one man.
Her statues in Manchester, London, Liverpool, Bolton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Harden, a small village in Wales.
There are also numerous schools, a library, a university hall on streets all over the country, bearing that name.
Statues have so much power that what does it mean to carve someone's likeness?
You know, What does it mean to take time to look at some of visit and all the power and thought People automatically see someone literally on a pedestal, and they think something me to somehow break down that barrier and have people think of like someone on a stack.
You might not be good.
Geoff Palmer has been campaigning for a plaque to be put on this statue e off a man called Henry Dundas in Edinburgh for 13 years so well before split up the bell that the slave trade should be immediately abolished.
70 92.
Henry Dundas put down an amendment to say it will be gradually abolished on that allowed the slave trade to continue from 17 90 to 18 07 15 years, and I've calculated.
But in 15 years 630,000 black people were moved into slavery on one word.
Gradually, the original plan.
Nothing about safe, and I said, that must be on the planet There some statues that are, I mean, some accidents so horrific that they just they need to go in their place, something completely new.
In other cases, I think they are times when we can use those monuments as educational, too.
But I also very much aware that we also need to balance educating with the trauma that can cause people.
The onus on educating people on racism and on the effects of slavery and colonialism always falls on those who are the oppressed.
I will not support a consistent policy of removing everything that relates to slavery, But I want improvements for black people in the country.
I want improvements in education.
I want this history to go in the curriculum, to be there, to change attitudes.


What do we do with the UK's symbols of slavery? - BBC News

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