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stock aware or spouse.
Where is powerful surveillance software used to spy on a partner, once downloaded would allow someone to see and hear everything a person is doing on or near their phone or computer, According to cybersecurity researchers.
Stalk Away is a growing problem, particularly for vulnerable women.
I've downloaded the software and recruited my colleague Joanne to test it.
You're gonna use this phone.
This is effectively the we'll call it the perpetrators.
Phone on your the perp.
You've got access to everything I do on this phone.
We'll call this phone the victim's phone.
So if you look at that phone there, that's your dashboard.
So you are all set to effectively spy on me for the next week or two days.
One white board marker Joe is lying.
A white board marker so bizarre I can see Joe picking off, Uh, bike.
I can knows a blip between the front camera on the back.
Come round.
Joe's followed.
This is quite creepy.
I can see Joe's move.
It is not just of dating.
Every so often it is a live image.
It's, uh, just going to look at night.
So I'm gonna try and see his screen.
I think it might become the course again.
I can't just see what he's up to right now.
I can see what he's been doing over the course the past few hours.
There are alert the disc, reading text messages or social media.
So this seems to be a record function where I can go back through ALS.
The calls that Joe's made and listen to them distracted.
So it's fair to say you learn a lot about me through spying, yet you can take That amazing thing was for me obviously knew that you were filming the or listening in on reading my messages, but I had no idea when nothing happened.
The screens day blank less.
I was playing with it.
No notifications, no battery use.
But this data was being sent to a lot of times.
Victims like Amy, not her real name, say Stork Aware is being used as a tool for domestic abuse.
There were just little things that were dropped into conversation that never felt right.
The new details about my friends I began to wonder how he knew where I was all the time.
Thistles, The moment aim.
You found out the truth.
Well, accident, I alert Alert.
That said, daily report on my Macs and I just had the Children for me.
My I stopped breathing for a minute.
The advice from security experts Stop stork away.
Being added to your device is don't leave your device unattended.
Most software downloads require physical access.
Don't use biometrics.
Thumbprints could be used without your knowledge and download security software.
Cybersecurity APS come detect, stalk aware and remove it.


Using 'stalkerware' to spy on a colleague's phone - BBC News

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