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  • Bullying is abuse.

  • Emotional, verbal, whatever...

  • but it's abuse.

  • One person says, "Hey,

  • I'm just messing around."

  • And another wonders when it will stop.

  • It stops with me.

  • And it stops with me.

  • And me.

  • And me.

  • And me.

  • It stops with us.

  • So show your face, because you can help stop bullying.

  • Show your face...

  • because silence is approval.

  • Show your face... because we're more similar than different.

  • Show your face.

  • because you're not afraid anymore.

  • We can make it clear that our campus is a safe, accepting place.

  • And it starts with you. Check us out on Facebook to find out how.

  • You don't have to hide, and you don't have to stand by and watch.

  • Just... show your face. And stop the silence.

Bullying is abuse.


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