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the chancellor, Sajid Javid, has resigned suddenly in the middle of the prime minister's reshuffle.
Boris Johnson said he wanted him to stay on but ordered him to fire his entire team of advisers.
Javid refused to do that, saying no self respecting minister could accept such a condition.
He's walked out of his job just four weeks before he was due to deliver his first budget on was quickly replaced by his deputy at the Treasury, 39 year old Yoshitsune AC his our political editor, Laura Ginsburg.
How tight is number?
Tens Grip on Power shuffle Build is just another day officials huddling to make sure it's all in order.
Javid expected to keep his number 11 home, but then he turned it down because the PM said he could.
He he wanted him to stay, but he he had to replace his whole team of advisers.
For a moment, it wasn't quite clear what was going on taken an unexpected turn.
I'm just their Soviet rap, and what do you make of the chancellor having to resign?
Number 10 had demanded Mr Javid sack his own team in return for keeping his job a loss of influence he wouldn't wear Good afternoon.
Resigned to the man who'd been the second most important person in the government.
Returned home to West London with a rucksack, not a red box with the conditions that were attached was a requirement that I replaced all my political advisers and these people that have worked incredibly hard on behalf of not just the government for the whole country done a fantastic job.
I was unable to accept those conditions.
I don't believe any self respecting minister would accept such conditions.
And so therefore, I thought the best thing to do was to go with those conditions imposed by Mr Cummings.
Those were there conditions requested by the prime Minister.
That was, of course, his prerogative, as I say that my successor has my full support.
So walking in in his place, a rising star in Tory circles, expecting a promotion today widely tipped, is on the way up have absolutely no idea.
But she soon aka unaware first thing this morning just how high he was about to soar.
Pleasure to be part of Okay.
In margin is the brand new Chancellor.
It has number 11 become an annex of the prime minister Number 10 8 The start of the day had followed a more predictable script, while workmen were shuffling an actual cabinet around parliament.
Prime minister was there to do the firings before the hirings.
Andrea Leadsom tightlipped.
After she lost the Cabinet seat she'd held for years, Esther McVey slipped in early to be booted out from housing.
Julien Smith, who got the government in Northern Ireland back up and running, was axed.
Think my positions up to the prime minister, says his cold.
Enjoy the nice weather.
Jacob Reese Mogg and his chalk stripes hung honest leader of the house, along with plenty of other serving ministers.
Ann Marie Trevelyan, Northumberland MP and former defence minister, becomes the boss of the Department for international Development.
Died in the new culture secretary who had bean at the Cabinet office.
The government machine six entrance to the Cabinet got new jobs today, but the neighborly trouble between numbers 10 and 11 is the biggest headline of all.
This was meant to be a moderate move along.
Not much to see kind of reshuffle, not a bit of it.
The departure of the chancellor is a huge event, a huge moment for any government.
But this time it represents something else.
A sign of a number 10 that wants total dominance to be in complete control.
Boris Johnson's team is adamant.
This is no paragraph.
They just want less friction at the top.
This is a Downing Street operation, though, that will not hesitate to clip almost anyone's wings.
Lawrenceburg, BBC News, Downing Street Tonight.
In his resignation letter, Mr Javid pointedly urged the prime minister to ensure the Treasury retained as much credibility as possible.
And he said it was important that leaders had people around them who could give clear and candid advice.
Our economics editor, Faisal Islam, looks now at the tensions between the prime minister, the former chancellor, on the challenges that await his successor.
It's only two days since the prime minister and is then chancellor, joined forces to back high speed rail in Birmingham Saturday.
Javits job had been guaranteed, but he didn't look too comfortable as a relationship between number 10 and 11 was itself coming off the track, partly because Number 10 wants other hard hat.
Hi viz.
Big spend moments exactly like this, beginning at the budget in a month's time, Yeah, I would love to.
Famously the son of a bus driver, this chancellor never got to use his budget red box.
He spoke to the BBC, though about Tower stalling economy could be boosted by spending.
You've now got this proboscis government that's investing in infrastructure, which is what businesses want to see.
That's why I'm standing in a bus depot today.
But exactly how much investment is the issue, Mr Javits?
New rules on borrowing have meant to the Treasury having to consider tax rises to fund some of the extra spend.
There is nothing abnormal about the Treasury having a tense relationship with other parts of governments.
It is the very job of this institution to say no even to a prime minister and his aides on issues off finance.
So it's impossible not to see today's extraordinary developments in the context of Number 10.
Asserting itself over number 11 at a time when you want to spend on borrow Mawr on.
That raises key questions of credibility for the newly promoted chancellor.
So who is Rishi Soon?
He's just 39 years old and married to the daughter of an Indian I T billionaire.
He made a fortune of his own before going into politics.
He got his first job in government just two years ago as a junior minister before moving to the Treasury.
Now he's chancellor in control of the nation's finances.
He could now loosen the boring constraints he's inherited.
You look at people like the FS respected prime minister.
Such a found that he chose him is standing in last year's noisy election TV debates.
The vein chancellor shared a trip to see the new Star Wars film with his deputy and now replacement.
Mr Javid did win some epic battles against top aides of the PM today.
Number 10 strikes back Faisal Islam BBC News.
So Julian Smith, who has been widely acclaimed for his workers, Northern Ireland secretary, was one of those who were sacked in the reshuffle.
Smith was appointed just seven months ago and oversaw a monumental talks process that led to the Northern Ireland parties agreeing a deal to restore a power sharing government of storm aunt.
After three years of deadlock, he'll be replaced by the former security minister, Brandon Lewis.
This report, from Our Island correspondent Chris Page, contains some flashing images.
The home of Northern Ireland's devolved government is bright and busy again.
But the man who see its torment couldn't see if his own job.
Just five weeks ago, Julian Smith challenged politicians to bring back devolution.
We have never ignored the issues are difficult and that reaching agreement would be easy.
But now is decision time that characteristic street talking worked.
The local parties return to the power sharing table.
When Boris Johnson visited a few days later, he congratulated his minister.
He's on a great job, and he certainly has a bright future.
But Mr Smith had differences with the prime minister, not least over Brexit this morning.
He was trying to hold on, enjoy serving the people nor night.
And we've done a lot of really good stuff.
There's a lot more to do.
After his sacking, There's been an unusual chorus of political prayers for the former Northern Ireland secretary.
Holders of the job don't tend to be popular, but Gillian Smith has generated real respect for what he's achieved here.
The storm and First Minister Arlene Foster of the Democratic Unionist Party, said his dedication to the rule was incredible.
Irish nationalist politicians, dude often get on with conservatives, but they did with this one.
It's not like me to be on present, a Tory secretary state, but he's a good mind.
Somebody cared about this place on work hard.
We 100 disagreements.
But we were able toe work well together.
I think he was the best secretary state we've seen on a decade.
Actually, on child abuse.
Survivors thanked Mr Smith for setting up a compensation scheme they waited years for.
So I agree.
It is actually very, very angry that such a man of his integrity could be put out of his job.
You know that Norden and took Came upon is one of our own, like this man taking charge of the Northern Ireland office.
One of the many sensitive issues Brandon Lewis will fists is the question of high unsolved killings from the troubles should be investigated.
Chris Page, BBC News, Belfast Let's get more now from Laura in Westminster.
Let's talk about the resignation of the chancellor.
How much of a power grab by number 10 Is this so if it's interesting, if a couple of weeks ago someone had told me that Sergeant Javid was going to be booted out in the reshuffle.
Well, I wouldn't have seen that surprised there were pretty well advertised tensions between the teams at number 10 and 11.
But that wasn't the expectation when the reshuffle began this morning.
Not at all On the way it's unfolded.
Has seen something of a surprise, and I think that's what's really significant about this.
Is this a disaster for number 10?
They just don't see it that way.
Is it, on the other hand, some kind of deliberate, sinister master stroke where they were trying deliberately to get rid of the chancellor?
Well, I don't think it was that either.
Number 10 seems genuinely to have Bean hopeful that Sergeant Javid would have said yes to this plan that would have clipped his wings, got rid of some of his advisers but allowed him to stay on in a very top job.
But he also had a sense that this might be coming until you talked about this with friends in the last couple of days, and he was pretty clear that he might have to walk.
So Number 10 did no actually get their way straightforwardly in terms of deliberately showing him the door and when I say we can take away from that is it shows.
Today, Downing Street made a political choice to put control over keeping personnel that the prime minister genuinely valued.
Now, in the short to medium term, that might mean they have a more pliant neighbor next door.
Although I don't think we she soon act will be anything like a pushover.
It might make it easier for them to keep the promises that they've made so publicly.
But he also runs the risk of creating bad blood inside the Tory party about just how this Downing Street operation is really behaving, because decisiveness is one thing being ruthless for the sake of it, quite another.


Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor Sajid Javid resigns – BBC News

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