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  • Boris Johnson has sought to provide answers to some of the many questions being asked about his plan to relax the lock down In England, the prime minister has published a 50 page document, a roadmap, which he says will work on condition that people follow the rules.

  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own powers, and they say it's too soon to relax measures to the same extent.

  • And they are still telling people to stay at home.

  • But in England from Wednesday, people can go outdoors as often as they want on could meet with one person from another household in a public space.

  • As long as social distancing is respected, the advice remains to work from home, if possible.

  • But if not, workers in manufacturing and construction can go back from Wednesday, though ideally not by public transport aunt.

  • In a new development for England, people are advised to wear face coverings in in close spaces where the two meter rule can't be observed.

  • From the first of June, there'll be a phased return for schools and nurseries in England, with a goal off getting all primary school pupils back for a month before the summer more shops will also be able to open on.

  • Some sporting events will be given the go ahead.

  • But without Spectators in the grounds from July hairdressers, some bars and restaurants and leisure facilities could begin to reopen.

  • All of this is conditional on a continued fall in the number off new Corona virus cases.

  • Now, in the latest 24 hour period, 210 deaths linked to Corona virus were recorded in the UK, and that brings the total so far to 32,000 on 65.

  • We start tonight with this report by our political editor, Laura Ginsburg.

  • Was the day any different on the wild Yorkshire coast on the quiet Manchester commute to a few more travelers on London's lines?

  • Well, trying to work out what the slow train to a new normal really looks like with many questions tonight but direct to the prime minister.

  • Yes, they left the nation with more questions and answers.

  • Why have you bean so bake with who can start back at work on which businesses can reopen this week when you come toe to take small steps back to normality?

  • Aziz.

  • We are now that clearly the message becomes finer, more, more complicated.

  • Where schools have remained accessible to Children of key workers, are they now expected to allow Children to return where their parents are from industries that being actively encouraged to return to work?

  • If no, how do you propose these people return to work if there's no childcare available?

  • I think it's only fair to regard that a zone obvious barrier to their ability to go back to work and that I'm sure that employers will agree with that.

  • How is it logical that I, as a primary school teacher, can mix with the many returning Children?

  • But seeing my relatives is still not allowed.

  • People can see somebody who isn't in their their their household, but you have to do it one on one outdoors on the baying social distancing.

  • Earlier, there were plenty of questions from MPs to the prime minister made no bones about the complexity.

  • But the opposition, like many of the public, wants crystal clear messages to what the country needs.

  • That this time is clarity on reassurance on at the moment, both are in pretty short supply.

  • On At the heart of the problem, it seems, is the Prime Mister made a statement last night before the plan was written, or at least finalized.

  • And that has caused considerable confusion on whether it's near empty parks in Cardiff or deserted beaches of Aberdeen, the administration's in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are taking a different path, sticking to the stay at home message with sharp political disagreement.

  • It is obvious that the last 24 hours has Fred confusion.

  • What the public desperately needs today is to be given some clarity, Mr Speaker.

  • Life's at risk.

  • So political judgments and verdicts on this weekend's chaos.

  • We'll have to wait for another there.

  • There is now a Three Nations approach.

  • Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all agree on policy and message on.

  • I mean this with no malice.

  • But for the sake of clarity.

  • Can he confirm that almost everything he has announced today the prime minister is acting as the prime minister of England?

  • No miss to speak.

  • I reject that completely, and it is a very good advice for the entire population of the United Kingdom, though I perfectly respect thing, the inflections and variations that may be necessary both locally, regionally and nationally to reflect differences in those areas in number 10.

  • There's been worried for weeks not just about the disease, of course, but about how to keep the public onside when a new phase begins with more complicated instructions.

  • Those concerns were well placed.

  • There are Prime Minister, different instructions for people in different parts of the UK You can see your colleagues if you go to work, but grandparent's can't look after their Children.

  • Many employers say they're just not ready to have people back to work yet.

  • So what do you say to millions of people watching right now who may well be a bit perplexed by what you're actually trying to see on what they are meant to do?

  • Yes, of course.

  • The message that we were giving out initially was incredibly clear.

  • An incredibly stark and the UK population actually obeyed it more thoroughly, perhaps, and many other populations around the world.

  • We really did stay at home.

  • We need to make progress if we possibly can in, in relaxing some off the measures very, very cautiously.

  • The elastic bonds between Westminster of Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff for certainly being stretched on in private frustration among Tory MPs is bubbling up to one cabinet minister confided, The situation is so complicated they feel like they almost can't win.

  • But no question.

  • Unease about the government's handling of the crisis is certainly starting to spread.

  • This emergency is on such a scale.

  • It's impossible for the course to be smooth.

  • But when lives and livelihoods are both at stake, political anxiety is running high, too.

  • Let's go live to Westminster, and Laura joins us now for the latest.

  • And last night, Laura, we were talking about these repeated calls for clarity from the prime minister.

  • In your view, did he deliver those deal deliver on those demands today?

  • What is an extent you and you're right.

  • When we talked last night, the prime minister had given is broad outline from the Grand State down dining room in Downing Street.

  • But by giving broad principles, he also raised lots of question marks there.

  • Today, we did see from the government of Forest of Paper pages and pages and pages of documents of all sorts of different guidelines that have gone a long way to answer some of those vital questions that many people were wondering about giving clarification, in particular that people who have bean stuck within four walls just with their household only popping out occasionally will be able to see one other person as long as they're outdoors.

  • And as long as they are keeping their distance on in terms of what it means for people going back to work well, significant tonight, I think that the T.

  • U C.

  • The unions group has said that the plans they have no seen are a step in the right direction.

  • That said, I think the reality is we are into a more complicated phase as the lock down is gradually unrolled.

  • That is going to mean it's harder for the government to give precision about every single tiny thing.

  • And they do reckon that that will rely on more of us, using our own personal judgments about how we live our lives, based on broad principles and new rules and regulations that will evolve over time rather than that one big blanket message of stay at home that people follow to such a great extent.

  • And the other thing that I think is certainly true is that political consensus that it broadly held in the first couple of months of this crisis is certainly fractured now, particularly with sharp differences between the four governments off the UK Tensions between Westminster and Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff have become quite accused, and it's hard to see, even though they are still sharing the same advice.

  • They are still communicating, and many of the rules remain very much the same.

  • Those political differences of tone and atmosphere are absolutely there now, Laura Once again, many thanks Laura Ginsburg there with the latest at Westminster.

Boris Johnson has sought to provide answers to some of the many questions being asked about his plan to relax the lock down In England, the prime minister has published a 50 page document, a roadmap, which he says will work on condition that people follow the rules.


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