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  • we start tonight with a special report illustrating the range of challenges faced by NHS staff in the struggle against Corona virus Now.

  • During the day, ministers of again promised that there, addressing the shortage of protective equipment on the government's deputy chief scientific adviser, said that the number of new infections across the UK was pretty much stable and flat.

  • The prime minister has expressed caution about relaxing the lock down too soon because he fears it could lead to a second peak now.

  • The latest figures for the UK show there were 449 deaths reported in the last 24 hour period.

  • That reflects a steady fall over the past few days.

  • The official number of deaths in the UK linked a Corona virus is 16,509 but that number does not include deaths in care homes or in the community in England or in Northern Ireland.

  • We start tonight with this extended report from inside the University Hospital in Wishful, which is managed by NHS Lanarkshire on the pressure's off dealing with Corona virus patients from the very young to the elderly.

  • The report is by our special correspondent Ed Thomas producer, noted a Ridge and cameramen Phil Edwards.

  • She's been on real AARP connects to you know who works beyond the daily statistics.

  • These are the lives changed forever, and that's you completely breathing on your own.

  • What's the number are bulky?

  • One.

  • I'm seeing a farm.

  • I'm sitting my family more from that was trying to save the sickest 50 dates, which has talked before the staff to D.

  • It's probably the more summing dates in one chef that we've had so far to the eldest, most vulnerable on the youngest.

  • The last thing you want to hear when you're back up before BBC one of itis Hospital life is being transformed.

  • Normally, it's old.

  • Philip even sold the owner, so it's difficult.

  • Moms and dads of babies kept in for observation can only visits for an hour a day.

  • What was it like being away from your baby for 15 9?

  • But these babies are never alone, receiving constant care.

  • One of the nurses and doctors been like her.

  • It is ever made love.

  • You're one of them.

  • To contain the virus.

  • Maternity ward is now divided, nor ones is to isolate Corona virus right there.

  • Yet Peyton is three weeks old and has the virus she's always watched over, definitely privileged to have such a connecting binder.

  • And that would be something.

  • But when you got your phone calls, seeing your baby's got caught on surveillance.

  • That's the first thing I can only imagine.

  • But just need Teoh power through and made the best killer we can gather that soluble tape.

  • Tracy has now taken the decision toe isolate with obviously staff, the no absolute asking their life building after her.

  • And let's not forget that is cute and beautifully shares she's tasted.

  • Porter saw the staff at handling, uh, the Ara put not US consultants now triage patients arriving its egg during the funders and splitting patients if their possible covert coming in one entrance kind of split them from the start.

  • Separate paths throughout the hospital suspected covered.

  • 19.

  • A scene quickly.

  • Great base was I'm very, very, very tired.

  • Week after week, Lin has been in and out of homes, working as a care que you must really have Oh, because to help see and rule booms because of that, this so get a prescription.

  • Just weeks, the hospitals created three specialised wards but Corona virus patients terrify and death with the nurses and doctors just don't know like that, that they're working on a vitamin they've never worked before and to get results of getting this.

  • It's unbelievable.

  • And it's here.

  • The i c U were stuff face the greatest uncertainties.

  • How intense is it?

  • It's bean over filming to see the least, and staff failed completely with the film.

  • Some patients spending up to three weeks you had, in fact, the family because you're the only patient it see if it's best in them.

  • So the staff offended it really difficult, that belief when people are dying at the time we were, there was no reprieve.

  • Unfortunately, if it's it's D dates and which has talked before the stuff to do in just weeks, This intensive care unit has quadrupled capacity.

  • You think we're getting to grips with us, and then you get another or in slow readmissions again.

  • So every day you think today will be a day The bear D Never never concern for Andrea is how long they can keep going.

  • It's everybody's gotten more than the normal working average mommy and what is the ward manager as that how long can staff Sistine that there's going to come a point with the staff when you have on the shelf?

  • But this is what sustains them After 12 days in intensive care.

  • Guy, he is getting strong.

  • Have you ever felt like this before?

  • Ever with anyone you want, Just help.

  • Every Thursday are complete echoes to the sound of that, thanks to the physiotherapists working 12 hour nursing shifts in intensive care, the nurse living apart to protect her three year old daughter, breathing completely on your own day so Kenny can finally breathe unaided.

  • I love the more frank for all the support, and Guy can once again see his family.

  • The reality off dealing with Corona virus with all ages affected.

we start tonight with a special report illustrating the range of challenges faced by NHS staff in the struggle against Corona virus Now.


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