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  • staggering to safety.

  • Scared, starving and stateless after months stranded at sea.

  • Ginger refugees including unaccompanied Children back onshore after the boat they boarded to Malaysia was turned away for fear they bring Corona virus to the country.

  • What the rescued by the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

  • The hundreds who survived tell the tale of the dozens who didn't forced to drink sea water to stay alive, beaten by the smugglers who promised them a new life.

  • My witnesses say the bodies of those who didn't make it were thrown into the sea.

  • Mohammed made the perilous journey after borrowing money to pay a smuggler.

  • I couldn't find work in the refugee camps, he said.

  • The boat was cramped, we were hungry and I fell sick.

  • When we got to Malaysia, we were turned away twice.

  • Now I feel unlucky and sad.

  • Those who rescued a now in quarantine their future's uncertain way were in the sea.

  • We were asking the boat men if they could take us to Malaysia or Thailand or other places, but they were refusing, this survivor said.

  • It's believed hundreds more refugees a trapped on boats, which were also turned away from Malaysia.

  • I asked the Bangladeshi foreign minister about reports that the country wouldn't accept them if they returned.

  • Will you turn the boats away then?

  • It's a difficult question because we don't want to see people are dying.

  • It's not the responsibility of Bangladesh alone to take care of all the stateless people of the planet.

  • That's the global leaders.

  • Like USA UK European Union.

  • The Ranger refugees fled persecution from Myanmar over two years ago.

  • Now they're trying to escape destitution in the refugee camps in Bangladesh.

  • But who will help them now?

  • What are your fears if no one takes these people in?

  • Our fear is very much that we'll have tremendous loss of life, women and Children and innocence in the high seas, perishing with no hope on that would be a disaster.

  • Is the world shuts.

  • It's borders because of Corona virus.

  • The Ranger refugees hope the world doesn't shut its eyes to their plight.

staggering to safety.


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コロナウイルス。 ロヒンギャ難民が海で座礁 - BBCニュース (coronavirus: Rohingya refugees stranded at Sea - BBC News)

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