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Welcome to the big time.
Okay, so we all know Wolverine can take quite a beating and not die.
Thanks to his mutant powers, he can pretty much feel from any injury.
And this has led to him having some pretty grotesque injuries.
Like that time ultimate Wolverine got ripped in half by the whole Ouch!
I'm Jocelyn, the intern.
I do all the research nobody else wants to.
Straight from the Desko death battle, Wolverine has had a long history of embarrassing moments.
For instance, this popsicle, Why does he look like a Rorschach test with eyes?
He looks like Jean Grey was going to check his oil and ended up elbow deep frozen confections aside, he has also been embarrassed in print as well.
Take for instance, that time the X Men had a crossover with the crew of the original.
Star Trek adds a whole nother story, but we're going to focus in on the time where Wolverine tried to fight spot.
Now you would think would be would just mopped the floor with him.
But then again, Spot is a total badass and just uses some Vulcan nerve pinch and makes Logan looked like a sissy bitch.
Seriously, I don't know if Wolverine gets himself into these situations because he's an idiot door, because he knows he probably won't be killed.
But neither of those reasons really cover why he keeps trying to fight Magneto pretty much, no matter what Magneto is going to win.
I mean, he's literally pulled the adamantium out of his body before.
Sure, Logan has got in some lucky shots in the past, but nine times out of 10 Magneto brings him within an inch of death.
Yet he just keeps trying and trying and trying.
And what an adamant CM guy.
Okay, Screw you guys.
That was comedic gold, and you know it.
Speaking of never ending grudges, Wolverine and the Punisher have never really gotten along sure they use each other's riel names when they're trying to kill one another.
But that hardly counts as friendship.
Example one when the Punisher electrocute Logan down to just Bones, which is pretty impressive and makes you wonder why more bad guys don't just buy really big Tasers to incapacitate Wolverine.
But electrocution hardly measures up to the time the Punisher Blue Logan's face off, which didn't really slow him down.
But he gets better.
The Punisher knows how to hurt a man, and by that I mean, he knows unloading a clip into another man's genitals is going to slow him down.
If that wasn't bad enough, Mr Castle then decides to run Wolverine over with a steam roller and send Logan complains the entire time.
Yep, so needless to say, Wolverine has had some rough days, and if you still want to see him lose a bit more blood, make sure to check out the recent death battle where he fights riding.
Oh, and I need you guys to share the hell out of this video and like it to boom, Sticks said.
I'll have to put the other intern peanut down.
If we don't and you know.
It's gonna be old Yeller style too.
Poor, poor peanut.
Hey, at least he's not gonna kill May.
Thanks for watching and see it in two weeks.


Punisher Shot Wolverine in the Dick? | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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