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Jalen, we're gonna move on because you know we have, you know, we have to show you right now.
Riel MBA basketball.
They had an exhibition game between the Rockets and the Shanghai Sharks, and James Harden did this.
This is the most fascinating thing I have seen all summer long.
James Harden is working on a running to his right left handed, left footed three pointer.
He actually took this in a contest.
We've seen hints of it from some pick up in the summer.
I really think he's trying to add this to his game.
Do you think we'll see more of this as the season progresses?
For those who don't play a lot of basketball, usually lefties like to jump off their right foot.
So with range, an accurate three point shooter is going to shoot with his left hand and jump off his left foot all which automatically makes that unorthodox.
Yes, while James Harden, I've caught him the most unique offense of weapon that the game has ever seen.
Because he's the only guy each level that's going to lead the league in total threes.
He's done it made free throws.
He's done it.
He gets to the hoop as well and assist, which shows his versatility.
I don't like the institution potentially of this move.
It seems like a low percentage play.
However, if it goes in, we all are happy.
And people who play a lot of asking while you try stuff out there, it seems we're gonna work or not work.
I don't think this is something.
I want the guy.
I voted for his EVP last year, doing with five seconds to go in the game in a clutch situation.
I mean, ultimately will see as much of this, depending on how successful it is in the preseason.
But I just have a quick question view.
You're left handed shooter.
You could shoot from range.
I've never seen you practice this shot.
I'm almost sure that you never have.
How many of these out of 10 are you hitting?
That's what I'm saying.
Like I honestly like out of 10 I would hit zero.
How many attempts you think it would take me to hit one?
Using my right foot?
My right hand?
The honestly, more like you take like 70 from MBA three.
It's like 75.
It's insane.
I want to see more of it because I love the game.
But something tells me that looks like about a 17% proposal, which will probably be phased out of his game.
All right, Jalen, the Warriors are without Kevin Durant, and now they have confirmed that they will be without Clay Thompson through the All Star break.
However, that is not wavered.
Their confidence.
Let's listen to the soul of the Warriors.
Draymond green.
Talk about his outlook for the upcoming season.
I'm not sure what everyone's expectations are.
We haven't really had any team meetings yet, but I know what my expectations are.
They don't change from year to year.
So is the same.
So you still believe this team can go to the finals this year?
Steph Curry on rt clay.
Jalen, what do you think about that statement from Dream on?
I'm not mad at it at all.
And I want to forecast something for you.
The Golden State Warriors.
Seven or eight seats, all of a sudden, in the first round of the playoffs.
Get Denver, get Portland, get Utah.
That's gonna be a tough matchup with a higher seeded team.
Okay for you, though.
Is D'Angelo Russell on the team at that time?
I believe so.
Actually, that's not going to come back until All Star break.
You can't move them in December or January.
Before he returns, you're gonna need its firepower.
What I'm excited about seeing this year is a return to drink mine Green.
A lot of people talk about the sacrifices that were made toe at Katie Toe Aboudi, Dre.
Mahonri averaged eight points last year.
It wasn't an all Star.
He's going to go back to being a Swiss Army knife on that team.
That leaves them in rebounds.
That's gonna be first or second in assists.
That's gonna be leading them, probably in blocks and or steals.
Draymond Green is going to return to the all NBA caliber form playing up front this year.
Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube form or sports highlights and analysis.


Jalen Rose doesn't like James Harden's one-legged 3-pointer | Jalen & Jacoby

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