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  • "♪♫♪" ScrewAttack Intro "♪♫♪"



  • DBX

  • (Screaming)

  • Ryu: Hadoken!

  • Boomstick: HERE WE GOOO!

  • Ryu: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!

  • (Grunting)

  • Ryu: Hadoken!

  • Lucario: Watch The Power of Aura!

  • Lucario: Behold! The Aura!

  • Lucario: ARRRRGH!

  • Lucario: The Aura!

  • Ryu: HADOKEN!

  • (You Caught A Pokémon Jingle)

  • Boomstick: What an awesome battle! Tell us who YOU were rooting for by clicking on their face!

  • Trunks VS Silver is up next, so stay tuned and if you wanna watch DBX at least four days early

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  • Thanks to ScrewAttack and one of the Authors; ArifehC...(Subscribe them to contribute more CC!)

"♪♫♪" ScrewAttack Intro "♪♫♪"


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リュウVSルカリオ(ストリートファイターVSポケモン)|DBX (Ryu VS Lucario (Street Fighter VS Pokémon) | DBX)

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