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  • A storm of land expropriations

  • is sweeping over the peaceful lives

  • Homeland turns into a map for games

  • "Welcome to the game"
 "Together, we can make the future better"

  • Says the leader of the game

  • It is for the benefit of the majority

  • For what reason, a place called home for nearly half-century

  • is facing demolition

  • The mistake made by history

  • Has become an unlawful appropriation of lands

  • demolishing, demolishing, demolishing

  • Those who have been tagged have no choice

  • No one wants to be stubborn nail

  • In appealing for proper settlement

  • "We just need an affordable place to live"

  • Has never gotten any response

  • People who are accused

  • Have endless fine to pay

  • Chance? Destiny?

  • The court ruled against Mr. Lin Charged with Unjust Enrichment A 5 million fine

  • The game won't stop

  • Administration by law is the rule of the game

  • "People who don't follow the rule is the enemy to the economic development" 
"Everyone should cooperate in construction to create the economic miracles"

  • People who was expelled don't know where to go

  • The mapping game continues to expand

  • How can we stop the game?

  • If there is a silver lining?

  • Superb cast

  • Magnificent lineup

  • Meticulous production

  • Starring 23 million people

  • Real-life MONOPOLY

  • Now showing everywhere in Taiwan

A storm of land expropriations


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リアル・ライフ・モノポリー』予告編 - 台湾で上映中 (【圈地遊戲】Real-life MONOPOLY 預告片 - 全台現正熱映中)

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