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  • it's one of best wins have been a part of for sure.

  • Four made it one of the best.

  • Uh, like I said, going in this environment away, we started off the game.

  • It wasn't ideal, but everybody in the locker would believe the whole time that we could get back in it.

  • Way Didn't play.

  • Our best bar were still down close.

  • Single digits have time.

  • I actually am.

  • I did their jobs.

  • Yes, that's what's great.

  • Me apart.

  • His team.

  • Everybody knows their role.

  • Consider turning point turning Came on the second.

  • Have a lot of time.

  • This Siri's come on the second half of Been a little bit slow, sluggish in LA times we're down.

  • We don't really cut into the lead, but way came out of second half third quarter.

  • Uh, I kept it, uh, close striking distance.

  • And, um, who's funding?

  • You know that City of Portland with fans to be that first team to break through again and back at this point for the first time since 2000.

  • What does that mean to be a part of you?

  • That's great.

  • That's great.

  • Our fans have been best all year, been behind the supporting this made that home crowd home court advantage is, uh, real important.

  • So we wanted to get back there and get another game in front of him.

  • It's gonna be electric Your brother yet?

  • What, you think that going state?

  • I talked to him last night and talked to him Way takes me right after the game.

  • See, Tuesday.

  • So I'm looking forward to going back to the drawing wearing I don't know.

  • I don't know.

  • We'll find out.

  • How real is that?

  • You're gonna playing your brother in the Western Conference final.

  • It's gonna be a lot of fun.

  • It's hard to believe right now.

  • Uh, so many years I watched it in the West covers finals, the NBA Finals being in a crowd.

  • So it's gonna be fun, too.

  • Be out there on the court competing to get to that final.

  • So I mean, it's a dream come true for us, too, obviously, but our family is gonna have a lot of fun with it as well.

  • How do you beat them?

  • How do you eat goes?

  • Their wares seem to do what we do.

  • We play our brand of basketball.

  • I mean, we know how good they are what they do and how they play.

  • But, I mean, we're gonna be prepared.

  • Just take a one game at a time.

  • Someone else has stepped up.

  • When Rodney went down, E t stepped up.

  • When you've stepped up in these games, does that say about this team and the depth when not a lot of people believe that you guys had a lot of tests after leaving her.

  • I think you start off the year I've mentioned Great.

  • I'm saying Bitch, Huh?

  • I was one of best in the league coach throughout the year, trusted our five million units coming off the bench to hold the fort down with Damon CJ bowing out the game.

  • Everybody's confident.

  • Everybody has their moments in this league and and we know whatever I could do so for e.

  • T.

  • To get the opportunity.

  • I know he's been frustrated lately, just with his his minutes or whatever it ISS State ready to professional and it is good to see him have this game for us in the Game seven.

  • You call that team sassy.

  • It's kind of a sad games out a little bit, uh, competitive Serie.

  • That's good team man.

  • Whenever these two teams very close and mashed up.

  • It's gonna give a chippy.

  • And I mean, it was that in the first half, for sure really should be hostile environment.

  • They came out with a lot of energy and we just we just sustain your solid, dropped the entire rest of the game after the first quarter, massive us obviously get opponent and number two in the West worries.

it's one of best wins have been a part of for sure.


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