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Gilbert Arenas Till the Wizard remember his agent.
06 year, 64 million took advantage of a loophole in the C b A.
The Lord hand from the Warriors the next day, including an arenas provision that limited the starting salary the teams can offer for restricted free agents with one or two years of experience.
Itchiness went on to make three All Star appearances.
All in the eighties.
I was so excited by this move.
1990 88 Tom Chambers with The Sun Young Matt Five years, nine million bucks.
Nine million took advantage.
Ciba as well at the Sonics, with the Sun's becoming the first ever unrestrained free agent sent a son's record of 27.2 points per game at 89 90.
I love this Mr Big shot, Remember?
Well, Denver's owned Chauncey Billups and 02 to the Piston six years.
34 mil left the T Wolves course.
They ended up winning the championship, and he won the Finals MVP that year, going to make three All Star teams to all N B A and all defensive teams during his Pistons career.
I would love to give Chris Bosch credit where credit is due.
He is the one that started the heat.
His weight was already there.
Then the 6100 and $10 million signing trade to leave the Raptors to go to the Heat to start the process of Wade Bosch.
LeBron six All Star appearances in the world.
Are you more excited about Tom Chambers?
You're more excited about this guy.
Good Steve Nash.
Yeah, man.
Six year, 66 million Back and forth.
Mavs owner Mark Cuban declined to match the Sun's offer, in part because of the 30 year olds durability.
But then he went on to win to in V P Awards in those two m v p years.
For Nash and Phoenix, every player that started with him averaged career highs and scoring.
Of course distributor Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers.
Three years $103 million.
After leading the Raptors to a title, he left to go to L.
And one of the rare instances were player leaves of town and is actually celebrated like thanks for the study.
Did you?
Yeah, you came in one and done.
We're good with that, but it number four.
I'm a do what makes my city.
It must state happy.
And that's why I came back.
I love you.
I'm 2014 LeBron.
Back to the cab's two years 42 Millie, You know one a couple in South Beach and came on home one of the great redemption stories in sports history because that he came in wine.
You vilify?
Oh, yeah, they were burning.
His jersey probably wouldn't have gone about popular circumstance coming back, though.
Shack 96 for me, this is the biggest 95 goes to the Lakers leaves.
Orlando had that program up and running Jack Side with the Lakers teamed up with Kobe to win three titles in three finals MVPs.
What they have done any, Not left.
Me and Randy Scott broke this news on July 4th on 2016 that Kevin Durant was going to the words, because all indication was we had been told by producers It looks like he's gonna go back to O.
There won't be a big deal, said we blew up our show for four hours.
Of course, we well know what happened to titles in two finals in BP's but it's crazy.
Speaking of blow things up, this announcement is Number one in this form will take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.
Perhaps there is sought after free agent and N BA history.
The big Three.
Not one, not two, not three.
Whatever his quote was that that was one of those moments that I would bet LeBron looks back on and regrets.
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