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  • high above the peaceful Ponyville, the city of cancer lot rests among the mountains.

  • There, a young filly had a dream as big a scandal at Castle itself.

  • Her name was Twilight Sparkle.

  • Little Twilight wanted to get into Princess Celestia School for gifted unicorns.

  • So she studied like crazy, worked as hard as she could and then failed the entrance exam.

  • But then Justus Twilight was about to give up forever.

  • A miracle happened hover in the distance.

  • Twilight's fellow Little Pony and future friend Rainbow Desk did her first ever sonic Rain move, which scared twilight into casting a spell.

  • Kind of seems like every single pony we ever talk about.

  • Those a lot to that blue horse.

  • Yeah, they probably all do.

  • Not only did Twilight's overly successful spell make her Princess Celestia is personal protege, but it also earned her a Q T mark.

  • No, I remember what that is.

  • It's the magical tramp stamp ponies get when they grow up.

  • Uh, close enough.

  • Twilight's Q T mark signified that she had discovered her life's calling.

  • In her case, it was to master the art of magic.

  • Well, this Purple pony wasted no time and dedicated her life to hitting the books and practicing hard.

  • Eventually she read her entire collection of 20,000 dang books.

  • What a nerd Broomstick.

  • Have you ever actually read a book?

  • Gun manuals count barely know.

  • There we go.

  • Twilight sparkles.

  • Vast knowledge of magic makes her more versatile than a Swiss Army knife.

  • To cover.

  • Every spell she could do would be daunting, but we'll give you the highlights anyway.

  • Toilets, basic spills.

  • Let her shoot concussive energy, bless, move stuff with silicon, eases through a force field for protection, teleport and transform things and do other things.

  • She can cast illusions, manipulate gravity, ignite objects with Pirated nieces in case opponents and crystal absorber.

  • Redirect certain types of magic and greatly increase your speed with the Accel arose spell.

  • And by casting the wanted need it spell on any object.

  • Any who gaze upon it are cursed toe fight for it at all costs.

  • I knew it.

  • That's why I ended up with one of those Rainbow Dash Does you ended up with what, uh, pony made me do it?

  • Uh, we'll come back next week for the full episode when twilight sparkle takes on the teen titans.

high above the peaceful Ponyville, the city of cancer lot rests among the mountains.


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トワイライト・スパークルがDEATH BATTLEに登場! (Twilight Sparkles into DEATH BATTLE!)

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