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  • did you know We've got a card and dice Dooling game.

  • Choose your weapons, armor and skills before diving into the fight of your life.

  • Just don't eat today's They looked like candy.

  • They're not.

  • Click the link below to get the death battle game right now.

  • As a citizen of Seasoning City, you would probably be familiar with the local criminal group claw, maybe even the famous sex symbol and so called greatest psychic of the century Reagan.

  • But you probably wouldn't think twice about this plane looking boy with a bowl cut.

  • Shigeo Kagayama.

  • Long story short.

  • He's a pretty unremarkable student of Salt Middle School.

  • Is the Kedia picked less for dodgeball?

  • He's just sort of there taking up space and stealing your air.

  • The con Gee and his name can even be mis read as mob, which means bland and boring.

  • Naturally, everybody calls him that.

  • So you might be surprised to learn that he accidentally took over a local gang, unintentionally founded his own colt and is an incredibly powerful psychic warrior.

  • Don't get it mixed up.

  • This isn't your typical superhero secret identity shenanigans.

  • Bob doesn't really give a shit about any of these things.

  • He's just out there training fit in by joining the Buddy Improvement Club, which he sucks horribly.

  • It Oh, come on, man.

  • Running is not that hard.

  • Take it for me and I've got a shotgun for a leg.

  • Still, when his life is in danger or his friends need protecting mob psychic ability manifests as something truly phenomenal.

  • Hes mega powerful.

  • He might not be able to run a mile without training, but he totally cannot be boots his buddies psychically, he can fly there, the air pulling objects all over the place throat, psychic energy attacks lift giant buildings, cut city spending.

  • Her quick whip up huge twisters and more is not just in offensive powerhouse.

  • He can mold his psychic energy around his body as a shield.

  • Well, this isn't an uncommon technique and mobs world.

  • It's incredibly useful for him in particular, as he's one of the few psychics who can actually attack and defend simultaneously.

  • Mayor And I wish I had psychic powers.

  • I mean, I think we all do.

  • We could solve crimes, help the needy, solve unsolvable mysteries, all sorts of cool stuff.

  • No, no.

  • I mean, like, I could not get up and have a beer float to me.

  • Or find my keys when I'm looking for him and read your mind.

  • In fact, I'm doing it now.

  • You're about to states time for the end of the video and the next one will be in a week.

  • Wasn't but I guess next week come back for tuts in mucky.

  • I did it.

did you know We've got a card and dice Dooling game.


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