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  • Adam Silver has called MBA stars publicly demanding trades this offseason, Disheartening to the community, to the team and to him.

  • Silver added that he wants a balance of power where all 30 teams, regardless of market size, tax issues and climate, are able to compete.

  • So, Bo, what do you make of the commissioner is concerned.

  • Boo hoo, man.

  • All right, like this idea that you want this utopia where all 30 teams are the same is preposterous, right?

  • Is that were the case?

  • They all sell for the same amount.

  • Is that with the gold?

  • Is cause I don't think that's really what the goal is.

  • That's not what the game is ever going to be.

  • Look, dudes are gonna wanna play in some places more than others.

  • If you are in one of those places that naturally is not attract people to want to play, then you know what You're gonna have to be a really, really well run organization.

  • Oregon Trail has farmers, and it has bankers.

  • Okay.

  • And if you're the former, you're just gonna have to figure this out.

  • And the people that bought in on this league, you knew you were buying a farmer when you got in in your place with that cold weather and they ain't got no black people that live in it now, you've got to make the best of it.

  • But the Oregon Trail also has people trying to Ford Rivers and sinking and drowning.

  • And so I think that is his concern.

  • No, but here's the thing about the situation.

  • Vote.

  • In one case, you have Anthony Davis and Anthony Davis, who was punished for vocally demanding a trade.

  • I understand why Adam Silver is agitated about that on behalf of his employers who are the owners.

  • I get that with the poll George thing, which is the second example that we're talking about here.

  • That's kind of the dream, isn't it?

  • If you're Adam Silver, that's kind of exactly what you'd like the future to actually look like.

  • Because that was privately handled.

  • He never publicly expressed it on Lian retrospectively learned he wanted out, and in the meantime, what happened for the sad people trying to Ford the river, They got mawr draft picks and more back for a single player than anybody ever had not go sell any tickets this year, though, right?

  • Like That's where the dilemma for that is again.

  • When you start viewing this through these little it's like asset lens.

  • The people part comes in and I do understand for the smaller market, we can't sell people on watching this dream, right?

  • Like even your six years when they were doing that stuff they were selling eating tickets about.

  • So I get where these guys are coming from.

  • Except they made their money via coldhearted capitalism, Right?

  • They went and they tried to destroy everybody along the way.

  • And now when you buy a team, there are only 30 of them.

  • There's a possibility that you're gonna be on the lower rungs of this, and it's gonna be a little bit more difficult for you.

  • But we're so from loses me on.

  • This is the idea that trade demands or disheartening.

  • Hey, man, Sometimes people don't like their jobs.

  • Sometimes they want different jobs.

  • You are never going to be able to eradicate that.

  • And if it hurts you that sometimes guys wake up and don't like their jobs, does it hurt you when the teams sometimes wake up in the side?

  • Hate this franchise anchor we just extended.

  • We don't want him anymore.

  • That's exactly why I have zero empathy for the owners.

  • It's because this is all capitalism.

  • This is collectively bargain.

  • It's more than capitalism.

  • They agreed to the system that gave rise to these conditions.

  • Keep in mind in the Kawai and Paul George examples.

  • Those guys initially were traded to these places, right?

  • So I went to Toronto against his will, so to speak.

  • Paul George goes to O K C against his will, so to speak.

  • And from there they make power moves.

  • But in terms of whether I should feel bad for Clay Bennett because he got this giant hall of draft picks and had to lose Paul George because his team actually was wise to value the future over the present in this case, No, that's how the system works.

  • And it's a collaborative approach that resulted in all the problem that Clay Bennett has is, and this is with a lot of these teams.

  • I think Utah jumps off the list there, fume or that we can point to.

  • They don't think anybody voluntarily wants to live there at least night in the demographic of people that they're dealing with the play basketball.

  • They don't think people voluntarily want to be there.

  • So what they're solution is how do we make people want to stay here now?

  • What they could do is eliminate the max salary, right?

  • If your problem is, we got to figure out a way to make it so all these people can stay, Eliminate the max salary, the counterpoint.

  • That is where the small market teams then can't afford to pay that salary in the rest of the world.

  • If you can't afford something to get up to paint, yes, you sell your team to the many, many billionaires who may be a problematic extraction and origin.

  • To be clear, I'm not saying that Clay Bennett, selling to the next tech Titan is going to make a team that values, you know, asset management away that you are out of silver would even want them to write.

  • I'm not saying that the next owner will be better than Clay Bennett.

  • All I'm saying is, if the problem is you don't have enough money to keep these guys in an uncapped world or very least in terms of Max contracts being uncapped, then, yeah, I'm sorry.

  • That's how the game works.

  • Welfare people don't like it when someone else is getting the check right.

  • But, I mean, this is a basic subsidization argument that all these teams or making you, we need you to do this in order for us to survive.

  • The irony of this, though to me is I don't think market size is the big deal that people are making it out to be.

  • A jumps out this year.

  • But look at the Knicks, right?

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Adam Silver has called MBA stars publicly demanding trades this offseason, Disheartening to the community, to the team and to him.


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