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in a world filled with monsters and villains which threaten the survival of humanity on a daily basis.
It's a stroke of luck that mankind has its fair share of Saviours in the form of superheroes.
And some of these heroes air so powerful they can crush all the baddies without even laying a finger on him.
These are s spurts superhumans who possess powerful psychic abilities.
And one of them is a girl named Todd.
What is that, really?
Why did she have cinnamon rolls stuck on her face?
Well, let's just say one is more well known for his excellent storytelling.
Then say his art, regardless taught to monkeys.
Psychic abilities were extraordinary even at a young age.
So much so.
She was taken from her family to be detained and studied at a research facility.
She was seven years old, so not the best childhood.
Obviously lucky for she got out thanks to a surprise rescue by the hero called Blessed who last things.
I guess no one really knows.
Either way.
Blasts rescue change, Tatu Markey's life forever, and he left her with one very important lesson.
When the time comes, don't expect someone to save you.
That's kind of how he is supposed to be a superhero, right?
Whether it be she was inspired by his heroism or tort.
By his contradiction, Tamaki decided to take up here work for herself.
Thus she took up the mantel.
Tornado of terror.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
Doesn't that sound more like a supervillain name?
And you might mistake over one, too, because she's kind of a bread.
Well, she is the best at what she does, and she knows it.
So she often seems arrogant and rude with her psycho kinesis.
She often floats above her opponents, looking down on them literally and figured him.
Her favorite thing to do is throw rugs and people.
Big drug small rugs.
Rugs from outer space doesn't matter if it's vaguely rough.
Shape it flying engine, but she doesn't discriminate.
She's also find through another things like trains, schools, people, even a giant octopus.
Not only that, but she can alter the direction of gravity, create town spanning barriers, twist of a human body, cause magnitude eight level earthquakes and spin up enormous whirlwinds fitting for her namesake.
And that's not even half of it.
She is the most powerful Esper of them all.
Even better than her older sister.
Actually, that's her younger sister.
Her weight.
What man?
Really confusing butts, given her past, even with her sister.
Beside her tot, Samaki has some serious trust issues.
She doesn't even want food Bookie to have friends chilled out.
Lady friends are important right with I'm sorry.
Oh, well, he had his chance.
Any weight manipulating objects and organisms is only part of her skill set Taught some monkeys.
Power truly shines when it comes to precision.
Oh, speaking of which, I got to get home.
My daughter is supposed to be home from a date soon, and I gotta be ready with the gun.
You're not actually going to shoot him, right?
Is the sky blue is Do you experiment on animals?
Is this puddle of whisky empty?
I'm going to shoot him.
Oh, OK, But what if he brings her home on time and he gets one in the leg for dominance?
Well, okay.
Come back next week for the full episode of Mob versus Tazi.
Mock Steve.
So dreaming is on the basketball team.
Yeah, Let's see you up with this bullet in your leg.


Tatsumaki Twists into DEATH BATTLE!

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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