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Miami Heat took their talents to the Bay Area and took on Wiggins and the Warriors and got a win.
Miami Heat retooled the roster a little bit, and a lot of you were talking about the addition of Andre Iguodala.
But it has been Jae Crowder, who's been contributing the last couple games.
Butler and Crowder each had 21 points.
What is crowd or bring to this Miami Heat team?
I mean, Jae Crowder is a perfect fit for the Miami Heat.
If you think about his mentality, his toughness, you remember when he got like that tap from Tristan Thompson and he, like, immediately bucked up.
It's just really interesting to see how the Heat continue to find players that fit their mold.
Jimmy Butler, Tuff bam!
Out of bio tough.
This is the Pat Riley culture, and I think that Jae Crowder fully fits into this mold.
He really does place a lot of defense to.
I mean, he's a true sort of like three and D type of player, and I think people forget just how good his defense is.
And then we have seen him be successful in Miami.
Just as you said, it's like, Oh, yeah, of course this works.
He's tough.
He plays d.
He can shoot.
They don't ask him to play make, so he doesn't have to.
They've already got that in Butler and others.
But Andre Iguodala, in his second game in a Heat Uniforms second game in quite some time and kind of looked like it.
He only had two points again.
How long do you think it'll take for honoring of data to sort of get back in the mid season form?
So once you take extended periods of breaks, you know when you're an athlete, it's hard to sort of find your rhythm.
I mean, he was on the ESPN circuit.
We saw him, and so, like, it's not easy to jump back from OK, I'm doing TV.
I haven't practiced that much.
I haven't played that much and then jumping back into an endgame where people aren't hitting their stride.
I know we've talked about Nikola Jokic starting the season.
How many games did it take for him to really find himself part like 50?
Right, so it's going to take him a little bit of a while, but I'm not worried because we all know he's His body is going to be right for the playoffs, of course, and he's been making a lot of money while he has not been playing basketball.
Good for Iguodala.
Well, Iguodala was in the bay and he famously won some championships there, even had a finals M v P.
And he was gonna be honored before the game by either Steph or Clay.
And here's how they determined who was going to have to make this speech about a gondola rock, paper, scissors, the only way to make any sort of determination.
So today I want to officially challenge you to one round of rock paper scissors live on television because I am an excellent rock paper Scissors play.
Are you a shooter?
Are you like rock, paper?
Yes, right, Yes, that's the only way to do it.
Rock paper says.
You ready?
Rock, paper, Scissors.
You got you got you undefeated.
I have been sleeping on the Raptors and they just keep winning basketball games.
But they still are behind the Bucks in the Eastern Conference and the Bucks gotta win last night without Janette's attention.
Oh, why today?
Because yachts tend to Coop.
Oh, I had a baby boy, his girlfriend, Mariah.
Welcome, Liam into the world.
And, you know, I've got a 1,000,000 Children.
Way too many Children.
So would you like to hear my advice for the new father?
Attention is this Is there gonna be more advice?
Besides, like getting a minivan?
Yes, I've got more than just getting on.
All right.
Rule number one.
Do whatever your wife says.
That's number one.
Come to your wife says, because honestly, she's doing the majority of the work.
Number two.
You're rich.
Tend to Cooper.
Get a night nurse that it's someone who's basically just takes care of the child overnight so you can sleep through the night and get a little rest yourself and Velcro swaddle blankets.
Don't try to.
Don't try to tie the swaddle blankets yourself.
Be honest.
Get the Velcro ones know snaps on the PJs.
This is very important.
Snaps will do.
You in snaps will ruin your life.
Make sure you have differs only and again.
Most importantly, do whatever your wife says.
Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports analysis and highlights.


The Heat continue to find players who fit their mold – Chiney Ogwumike | Jalen & Jacoby

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