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  • but first way have some breaking news courtesy of a Georgian asking C.

  • J.

  • McCollum has agreed to a three year, $100 million contract extension, extending his current deal to five years and $157 million according to his agent.

  • Booth Blazers already just signed All MBA guard Damian Lillard toe a four year, $196 million extension this summer, keeping him under contract through the 2025 season.

  • Are you surprised the Blazers went full max for McCollum?

  • No, I'm not surprised.

  • I mean, this has been there, their staple, their core for the last couple of years, and I think that there's been some rumblings right over whether or not see Do is going to get moved from the Blazers whether or not Damian Lillard could do that without adding another superstar to that team.

  • And I think that this is Neil Shea and the Blazers for an office doubling down on their commitment to C.

  • J.

  • McCollum that they've had privately.

  • They like him in the locker room.

  • They know they have a very strong backcourt.

  • They got to the Western Finals last year.

  • I'm not surprised at all to see this.

  • This is just the right timing for C.

  • J.

  • McCollum coming into the league in the last 10 years.

  • The error that it's been small ball switch Hable positions.

  • He's a 40.1% career three point shooter.

  • We haven't heard any drama between him and Daimler.

  • We heard his name as Mallika alluded to in trade rumors ad nauseum, and it hasn't affected his on court performance.

  • I think this is investing in the person as much as a player.

  • Yeah, and he's got a great podcast.

  • Let's not forget about that.

  • Does a great job trying to eventually take our jobs.

  • But clearly he's an excellent player for this era.

  • It makes all the sense in the world You've got to double down on perimeter players, backcourt players in this league.

  • I like everything the Blazers have done basically this year.

  • Even though I'm not the biggest Hassan Whiteside guy, I understand it because use of nurture Nurkic is out at least to start the season, so it makes all the sense in the world.

  • I think the moshing and that group have done a great job so far.

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • And I mean, when you think about the we talk about small market teams a lot right of Portland in Portland, you might argue, is one and Soto have guys like Damian Lillard like C J.

  • McCollum saying unequivocally, I want to be in Portland.

  • I think that's also something that's important.

  • Well, and a great point to that is that, you know, fans and small markets want their guys to be there for a long time because there's always sauce arise for the next big market for most of these guys.

  • And look, I don't blame guys for player movement or what not, but these two guys have been pretty staunch on saying, as you pointed out, they like it here.

  • So why not make it just a marriage and see what happened when it counts The most use Coming off a fantastic post season run, right?

  • The Recency bias here He scores 37 in a Game seven against the Denver Nuggets.

  • He had 41 earlier in that syriza.

  • That's big time players play their best when it everything's online, you know, Obviously they didn't beat the Warriors in the conference finals, but he, you know, showed out in that Syriza's well, yeah, big time players make big time plays in big time games.

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but first way have some breaking news courtesy of a Georgian asking C.


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