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  • David Lloyd and China.

  • Okay, here, talking Houston Rockets, who just recently went to this semi radical small ball approach No.

  • One taller than 67 on the floor.

  • When you've seen what they've done after a few weeks, what do you notice?

  • Small ball has actually been really effective for the Rockets, but it's actually been even more effective for Russell Westbrook.

  • It's pretty much unlocked his game.

  • If you think about the advances in Russell Westbrook game, Spall ball is all about spacing.

  • I mean, you move the big and it brings all the defenders out.

  • And now the paint is for Russell Westbrook's taking.

  • You see this in transition.

  • Usually, Biggs run the middle of the lane with them gone now Russia's second in the MBA only behind the honest and transition points per game.

  • Westbrook, also, you know, is very similar to Shack first guy since Shack to really average 20 points in the paint in about what, 20 years?

  • So this small ball has unlocked not only the Rockets success but allowed Russell Westbrook to be the best version of himself.

  • Okay, so it is working pretty well in the regular season.

  • But as we know the postseason is a different animal.

  • Some teams that, like they got up and down the floor, have a harder time running in the postseason.

  • You're.

  • So how is this going to translate in the postseason?

  • So the Rockets style right now is high risk but high reward.

  • And right now they're being really rewarded.

  • They have the second best offensive rating in the n B A.

  • And if you think about the Rockets as well, I mean, they have the second best pace in the N B A.

  • That's the Russell Westbrook effect.

  • But when it comes to the playoffs, as you mention, it could all be different.

  • Traditionally, Houston has struggled offensively.

  • When matter boats right?

  • Will Ruses Edition be the necessary piece for James Harden?

  • Traditionally, people say the game slows down.

  • Will their pace be able to be maintained in the, you know, in the playoffs?

  • I think right now I am trusting in the trust that Russell Westbrook and James Harden having each other that bromance because it's always been interesting in the playoffs when James goes and then it's sort of like the team fractures and they split.

  • James is letting Russ lead at times.

  • And to me, that's novel, OK, you're gonna need more than two guys, right?

  • Yeah.

  • Give me like 1/3 or fourth player.

  • That could be a catalyst for them in the postseason.

  • The X factor for the Rockets to me is Robert Covington.

  • They sorta one sneaky one the trade deadline by getting Robert Covington.

  • If you're gonna go into the small ball, Agent Arab, all in there, Robert Cummings and you're gonna meet someone who will down defensively, especially at the rib.

  • Sort of like daemon Green.

  • Kind of.

  • He can give you that type of energy.

  • There was a stretch where he had three or more blocked shots in six or so games tied for the longest streak by any Rockets, players and teams.

  • A lodge, a one plus, he can stretch the floor on the side.

  • So this is a team that got better out of it out of the trade deadline.

  • But yes, it is risky.

  • But if Robert Covington can really be that defensive player that we all know him to be that reputation that follows him, it will be very beneficial for them.

  • Toe have five guys out league wide.

  • Everyone's watching the rock.

  • Is this going to work?

  • Let's find out.

  • You know, there's always a trend in the MBA.

  • Maybe this becomes one.

  • We'll see how it plays out for the Houston Rockets.

  • Here we are in March for today.

  • What's up?

  • Thank you so much for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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  • And if you want more premium content, which you dio make sure that you subscribe to ESPN plus see you soon.

David Lloyd and China.


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