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  • guys, We're gonna follow everything that Hampton is doing.

  • They've already done it with dairies.

  • Basically, he set the tone with New Balance earlier this year.

  • He gets drafted in the first round.

  • If kids don't want to go to college, this is another outlet, and if they want to start building their brand and making big cash, this is a way for them to go.

  • So I think this is the very beginning of what we're going to see is a major trend.

  • And if you're running the you're worried for a lot of reasons because it's never really run the way anybody wants.

  • But especially with this, this is really going to start to hurt the product.

  • I think so as well.

  • But I also think this is bigger than just Hampton and Paisley like.

  • I think this is going to be the end of the one and done.

  • We've heard rumors about it, but do you feel like they will allow high school players to enter the N B A draft in the upcoming years?

  • It's only a matter of time.

  • It's only a matter of China Jacoby, because there are so many people in the league the players included, who are trying to push this back into action.

  • If a kid is ready to play and he feels like he can take his game to the professional level, there are too many other loopholes now to get out of that year of college.

  • It's only a matter of time before Adam Silver and the people close to him find a way to allow high schoolers to declare again early, and the league's gonna have to deal with it.

  • I mean, let's face it, you and I have covered this thing a long time.

  • The draft is more of a crapshoot than it's ever been up everybody's talking about, Oh, it's AM frenzy and okay, See, they've got all these picks.

  • Who cares?

  • Some of them may hit someone may not, but nobody knows for sure any more than the guys like Zion who come through Those are so few and far between, and we're not even sure of Zion is gonna hit the way so many people wanted to.

  • So I think this is something that the league is looking through as we speak and there will be a change here in the next few years, I'm sure of it, so we both see it as inevitable.

  • I mean, this is going to happen, but we're always talking about It is a positive.

  • But what are the downsides to having high schoolers enter the draft like, What is the problem?

  • They're not ready mentally.

  • I like more than physically.

  • There's so much focus on all men.

  • This kid's got to get in the gym and he's got to get 20 or £30 on him, and he's got a feel better and feel ready for an 82 game season.

  • I don't think that's it all.

  • Jacoby.

  • When you see guys who have been in the league 4567 years and they're still struggling with the grind of everybody telling them they're terrible and people coming at them and social media think about it at 18 or 19 year old kid going through that process.

  • And I think that's what Adam Silver is most concerned about as they turn the corner now and trying to get high school kids back eligible for the MBA.

  • It's the social aspect of all this.

  • It's the mental game that nobody talks about enough.

  • That's the biggest issue for the league.

  • You're bringing in kids who may be physically developed but not emotionally or mentally developed.

  • And that's something that I think they are very weary of, and they're very cautious about.

  • But they know that the time is coming and they'll try to put a program in place that helped these kids the best they can to prepare themselves.

  • You make a really good point, Nick, because you look a previous drafts.

  • There aren't that many.

  • Can't miss prospects.

  • I mean, LeBron comes to mind.

  • Anthony Davis comes to mind, but, like, there just aren't that many guaranteed can't miss draftees.

  • And when you lessen the age limit, that means it's even more of a crapshoot.

  • Does all this devalue draft picks moving forward?

  • You could take that side or Jacoby.

  • I tell you, they're more valuable than ever because you are into a salary cap where you know you're not gonna have to pay these kids that much.

  • So you're going to the table in in New York City or wherever.

  • The draft is that year and you're rolling the dice and you're saying, Hit it, baby, Come on, one of these come through and maybe you draft the star at the end of the first round.

  • Or maybe you draft a guy that you can build with for the next few years and you've got him locked up on money that is very small compared to other guys.

  • You have to pay on the roster, so it is a total crapshoot.

  • It's why GM is all over the league.

  • Want to protect those assets, but at the same time, And this is in the context of the thunder conversation.

  • Just because you have assets doesn't mean that everything is going to turn around the way that you wanted to.

guys, We're gonna follow everything that Hampton is doing.


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