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  • 67 floor.

  • Best Totally different defense.

  • 43 Neil has a task tonight.

  • Defensively comes over two doubles to solve such a smart player reads it and finds the open seen eight point with a big fella Sleep fries The baseline shut down by Conley over six.

  • Turns it over for the second time here in the quarter.

  • Just get in isolation on download dribbles.

  • Time.

  • He's gonna score.

  • He is too good Now.

  • Another comes.

  • Lucy Got it.

  • Joey checked in along with three.

  • Those lamps going early on.

  • You know the three point shot it smooth.

  • 700 over multiple time doing what they want.

  • Their defense is dictating.

  • Game, right?

  • There's pressure.

  • Turnover has six turnovers now.

  • Got it?

  • Swim ring back on.

  • Davis went for the smooth, so it is really, really good on that low post.

  • Just haven't gotten ribbon Jazz right now looks like running quicksand.

  • A blistering 74 point half, Just three quick clock.

  • It's by Donovan drives inside, which is dropped so Mitchell rising shoots and throws up on air ball with the rebound, chipping away here in the 1st 3 minutes, I would have to come back inside Jefferson muscle it up straightaway.

  • Dynamite.

  • Just his first shot of the quarter jump.

  • I should have used Power, Dr Way and he certainly has never had a lot of guy.

  • I'm certainly not one.

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67 floor.


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