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  • nary a day goes by here at the jump where we don't discuss first of all, how amazing it is, but also the plate of the New York Knicks and their fans.

  • And today will be no different.

  • Last night, Knicks, through their loudest crowd of more than 500 games since December, Sorry, their lowest crowd lowest, but also loud because certain ways I'm sorry, the announced crowd 16,588 more than 3000 below capacity for their loss to the Jazz.

  • And you're seeing video of fans because fans came out and showed on Social that they started chanting.

  • Sell the team, right.

  • You heard that late in the fourth quarter.

  • They say that they were escorted out after being interrogated for 15 minutes.

  • One says the imagery site of ah screwed offers their cited the code of conduct rules.

  • Now MSG and the folks the Knicks have pushed back on this.

  • They deny that the fans were ejected or even escorted out.

  • But the fact that this is all in dispute and the fact that it comes a day after Spike Lee said he wouldn't be going back this season because of his treatment at Madison Square Garden.

  • I mean, where does this end for the York next?

  • Doesn't it anywhere?

  • I mean, here's the deal.

  • It's effectively feels like a police state, apparently, when you goto MSG and I say that sort of facetiously.

  • But look at the looks on the security guards faces.

  • They're all just standing around thinking we gotta deal with this nonsense again.

  • And if every single image coming out of MSG is about somebody in the crowd, somebody behind the scenes in a tunnel or somebody on the concourse when the team is actually what, 100?

  • I mean, like, you've got a problem.

  • We discussed this yesterday.

  • It doesn't matter what is right or what is wrong.

  • At this point, the only thing that you see related to the New York Knicks are bad, embarrassing viral videos.

  • That's not gonna We need New York team near and dear to my heart.

  • You need that experience to be a fan friendly experience.

  • I think Leon Rose has gotten there and has a tough job on the basketball side.

  • But when you're dealing with fans and and they're not, they're not creating that environment needed for basketball to produce.

  • That's when you really have a problem.

  • So there has to be some some unity amongst the fans and prioritization of the fans.

  • What person in the entire world could give Jim Dolan public relations advice they would actually take?

  • Because there has to know.

  • And so far no one has been able to get to do this.

  • And I talked about people that know him, and they compliment him.

  • They really do.

  • They say is not a bad guy.

  • He's a good guys, a loyal back.

  • But he has got a blind spot on this.

  • And now every time the Knicks put out a statement, it's almost like, by the way, is not selling the team.

  • He's not telling the team.

  • I mean, just just ignore the people who say that, but there's nobody who can get to him to say that.

  • There's gotta be somebody in this world that he respects enough.

  • We could get to them and that person hopefully can get there.

  • But I don't know if it's gonna happen.

  • We work with public relations people all the time.

  • I think they're been very good public relations.

  • People who have gone through that franchise and they are not listened to all the time.

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nary a day goes by here at the jump where we don't discuss first of all, how amazing it is, but also the plate of the New York Knicks and their fans.


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