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  • I want to shift the Kyle Lowry cause he's been dealing with an injury to his left thumb for much of the playoffs.

  • Here is what he said about it at today's shoot around.

  • No, no, it is a kind of something you'll have to wait till after the season's work to get better.

  • Yeah, I will not be able to get it taken care of until after the season is over.

  • It hurts bad.

  • It's pretty bad, you know, honestly is pretty bad.

  • We've been taking things to make sure that during the game way try to limit the pain as much positive during the Games.

  • But it is what it is way.

  • Always admire when players say ham out there, I'm playing right.

  • But that being said, it's not like the injury goes away.

  • So park.

  • For a guy like that who handles the ball like he does that does involve both hands.

  • What do you think?

  • I think it don't affect cow.

  • I think since he hurt his hand, he's actually been having a points better.

  • Yeah, I do.

  • I mean, you know, at the end of the day, Kyle is a tough guy.

  • He's going to fight through it.

  • He's never been a guy that make excuses.

  • And these averaged 20 points a game on hurt hand shoot.

  • I wish I would have heard my hand.

  • Right.

  • I agree with you.

  • He's going to play through it no matter what, Rachel, I just use it is you know, one thing I do.

  • I love about koalas.

  • He never tells you when he's hurt.

  • He just right, you know, You hurt.

  • You all right?

  • I'm good.

  • I could play, you know, because again, that's bullet.

  • The material, his day, my day especially.

  • We know that you got a messed up left hand.

  • You out their plan.

  • You think how many times you think I'm a hit that left.

  • Okay, so if your act let's So what are you doing?

  • I'm hit.

  • That left a every chance.

  • I take two fouls just to hit that left and the testing.

  • And like I said, this is right.

  • His right hand is a shooting it.

  • So the ball, basically, when he brings it up where it's a guy, you bring it up.

  • That's cool, guy.

  • But it Then today, when he's dribbling, I'm hit down left because I tested.

  • But I'm willing to coach by any means necessary.

  • We got to get the with us.

  • Once we on the court, we got to get you.

  • But I don't think that him talking about it today made the difference.

  • Kawhi Leonard, as you said, has said, Nothing's wrong with my leg.

  • We all know there way.

  • If you have film, you know, if you have film, you just waste all the film.

  • We saw Kyle messing with this hand.

  • You can see it when he's when he's touching the ball.

  • So I'm okay with guys being honest and saying what Kyle said, which is like You had hurts, But what you gonna do?

  • I'm playing on it.

  • Isa reporter.

  • When I'm asking you guys questions, I would prefer you not lie to us and by the way, to the fans to because if you keep saying there's nothing wrong, there's nothing.

  • Nothing's wrong and there's obviously something wrong.

  • It it feels weird.

  • We all know there's something wrong with this whole, this whole.

  • I don't Rachel for the simple fact.

  • When you're player and you say you hurt and you go and you have a bad game is like the fans could hold it against, you know, you making excuses, stuff like that.

  • So that's why something some players like to keep it quiet like a Why you don't want to say nobody.

  • Just go.

  • Listen, KP If I played in today's game, I'll tell you every time I'm hurt, I weight 80.

  • Listen, why do you look at tapes?

  • Is up back in the day.

  • We didn't wear Kneepads.

  • Nothing on my hair because we showed we had someone you getting hit getting ahead video.

I want to shift the Kyle Lowry cause he's been dealing with an injury to his left thumb for much of the playoffs.


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