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  • The Grizzlies are champions.

  • The Grizzlies are champions.

  • People of Memphis get ready!

  • Throw the parade!

  • Are Please are champions.

  • Carry that over the regular season.

  • That kind of now the games are over.

  • We're gonna go and point out one player that we washed in Las Vegas that were like, Oh ho ha, that's interesting.

  • Jalen Rose will start with you who stood out to you in Vegas.

  • Doesn't make me a degenerate to be watching some early games.

  • No, no, no, no working.

  • According to my wife, It's my job.

  • He plays on the Memphis Brandon Clarke out of Gonzaga and I could take you Hachi more who play well for Washington and Taco Fall.

  • What?

  • He's gonna play quality minutes for the Celtics and have staying power.

  • But now all of a sudden, you put Clark with John Moran.

  • We gotta show John Marantz video dancing is my favorite and Jaren Jackson Jr Now, all of a sudden you have a young trio that your product that can really make some noise as they continue to grow together and lead so mine.

  • Everyone talks about Zion, Zion, Zion.

  • People sleep on Jackson.

  • Hey, like you'll see what He's got a kind of like a Jordan type is a great rim protector.

  • RIM runner Like we've seen this type of player, like not NBB League.

  • But we know who this player is.

  • He's DeAndre Jordan with a jump shot.

  • I'm not sure about the jump shot part of it.

  • And we just ran a clip of I texted things that you write the forum on it, but the thing that's kind of nice when you evaluate him as a draft prospect is that you go Wait a minute.

  • Okay, So this guy's just the roll man over and over and over again.

  • And the catch is that he makes in traffic.

  • Oh, my God.

  • This guy catches everything to There's a reason why you know how they want to use I in and kind of move these guys around like it makes little sense.

  • I'm not ready to give him the jump shot grade.

  • Just that did Look, he was like, Hey, get your role.

  • Gonna go off the grid here low.

  • Oh, great.

  • You guys ready for this?

  • His nickname.

  • I know you're a huge Pearl Jam.

  • Jalen Yellow Ledbetter.

  • Jeff Ledbetter, The Spurs.

  • He's 46 years old.

  • He was summer league again.

  • Makes all the right plays.

  • Great.

  • Say Jimmer.

  • There, Right there.

  • I've set up in the stands.

  • I'm like Ledbetter's out there.

  • Just work.

  • It really is.

  • It's really stand out because of the hair way.

  • Haven't had great hair.

  • Brazil, Japan, maybe perhaps.

  • And then just out of summer league again.

  • So you mean to tell me that the Spurs actually found a diamond in the rough?

  • That's crazy.

  • I don't even know he's making the team.

  • I What would you look like that?

  • I think that I don't think you should do that.

  • You know what?

  • This picture so bad on me?

  • Yes.

  • He wants to keep my They want to keep payroll.

  • They're like, there's no way anybody know look like that, you know, you just not what you look like.

  • I know I have a chin thing that that that's, like, the worst picture me.

  • And he has supposed like, used that one.

  • If I could grow it out, though, I do that his wife, I go walking.

  • One reason why I shouldn't do that, cause I know you play pickup basketball like I do want to have to put a man e.

  • I just I would show apply.

  • I would wear like Thor outfits.

  • I thought the gods go with the buns.

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The Grizzlies are champions.


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