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  • 2000 and 14 because the Pacers have not won a first round playoff serious since 2014.

  • And Bob Kravitz of The Athletic writes that the team couldn't even get a meeting with the representatives of second tier free agents like Chris Middleton and Tobias Harris.

  • So, Bo, is this a problem for the MBA?

  • If this is a problem for the N B A, and then the MBA has to decide what he wants.

  • The problem we got here is that Kravitz pointed out two guys who stayed with their own teams to sign Max contract.

  • This whole system is designed to incentivize teams to keep their players by being able to pay them.

  • Or and that is what happened here is something like an ID.

  • Time to bring this up when correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Indiana signed Malcolm Brogden from that same Milwaukee team that they're saying they couldn't get a meeting for Christmas over the Chris Middleton.

  • Think so?

  • No, I don't think that this is what's wrong.

  • In fact, the fact that Indiana seems to have a pretty competitive team is kind of what the MBA wants.

  • Well, that's the fun thing to me.

  • here is that they're not nearly bad enough to garner sympathy.

  • The Pacer is despite all of these disadvantages, as alleged by Bob Kravitz, I have only had one sub 500 season in the last eight years.

  • So what they're doing, despite not really having a high draft pick, is being super competitive.

  • This is another example of the MBA succeeding in spite of all the complaints at the small market teams actually have about themselves.

  • And how small is this market?

  • Actually, when we talk about it also, right, like we throw that term around without after looking at the sizes of the markets.

  • What these folks in these cities as like Don't nobody want to play for us, need to ask themselves, How come don't nobody want to play for you?

  • It ain't just cause you're cities a small Why is it that not only do these guys not want to play there, why is it that you think that those guys don't want to play this?

  • Some of these towns might want to correct some of their assumptions for why it is that dude's don't want to play there before being so mad at those dudes who don't want to play there.

  • Yes, and I would say that this is a particularly bad time.

  • Also, to start complaining about that very problem.

  • Because who had just won the MBA title?

  • The Toronto Raptors, who made a trade, did not really have big free agents there.

  • A city that no one seemingly want to go play for.

  • Who is another team that had a free agent and then made the best of it?

  • Oklahoma City All of these lesser markets, as they consider themselves, have found ways to make inroads this past year again.

  • Indiana like I get it, but not right now.

  • I'm sorry.

  • No.

  • And look, you got Paul George a 10.

  • That was a score.

  • He didn't want to stay there.

  • You traded him.

  • You got Victor Oladipo and I mean, it's worked out well for you.

  • Well enough.

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2000 and 14 because the Pacers have not won a first round playoff serious since 2014.


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