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  • there he is from Latvia, who will this year be playing his fourth NBA season.

  • Seven foot three Chris Stops for Zynga's last time he was on the floor in an NBA game was February 6 2018.

  • That's there.

  • You go by looking, just stuff sighs we talked about.

  • Here's Blake Griffin trying to feed drumming and a steal by for Zynga's The lawn right.

  • He was slowed a little bit, beginning in camp with a hamstring injury, but he's played the 1st 2 preseason games, dishes the ball for Zynga's 1st 1 of the game tonight.

  • But it doesn't cost Dallas as Blake Griffin comes down and Mrs on a three point tries its average to Tony inside with Little brother again making things easier.

  • Come down the floor.

  • Score again.

  • Hopefully harder Germ.

  • A lot of nights like this is in the house, just to turn around against Griffin again.

  • Very easy looking shot for present in the trail.

  • Three.

  • It's been all looking for Zynga's.

  • Detroit was a playoff team last year, the eighth seed in the East, 41 41.

  • They were swept in round one by top seed Milwaukee for 34 singles again, a thing of beauty, surely because of shots that poor Zynga's is making early.

  • Calling KP and flat out read it.

  • Since the time out of 3 23 the two teams have traded threes.

  • Seth Curry for Dallas, Luke Denard for Detroit and on the double pump inside Luca with using his body.

  • Justin Anderson.

  • What was up with that with that man for Zynga's pull up good.

  • And then they throw the ball away on the inbounds pass and look poor.

  • Zynga's missed a couple of tenpins.

  • It will fall for loose with the ball.

  • Went out of bounds, right?

  • It was Lucas not having established position.

  • The ball did hit the line.

  • Roland looking for Zynga's and floaters.

  • Get for look, This is tricky, is watching.

  • So just froze Everybody on shot himself.

  • It's time.

  • Nice gloss over.

  • That is something else.

  • That's good coaching because they're taking advantage of a guy that doesn't like to leave.

  • A guy like Drummond allowing prisoners to just working crossed a Muppet, knocked him down with not to jump shot down baby away somewhere on top of a lot more singles with a follow after Luca was loving it up in the hands of the lawn, right?

  • He wanted to screens for Luca, who drives and lays it in.

  • Do whatever he wants on the basketball court.

  • Brown, back down work here for poor Zynga's come down on the double into the shot clock looking drains.

  • Its He's locked and loaded.

  • Knocked it down.

  • Remember that second quarter went to what a finish by poor Zynga's off a high.

  • You pass from local.

  • What a finish and a foul is called as well.

  • So opportunity for three The hard way.

  • And there's job training, the full of the game.

  • Three.

  • Lucas.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Stop on the dime.

  • Tonight's preseason game between the maps of a piston first preseason action for Luca and forcing is 2118 points, respectively.

  • Both have seven boards tonight.

  • Pistons went tonight 1 24 1 17 Take the big thing is that for Zynga's got an opportunity to get back on the floor and showed up.

there he is from Latvia, who will this year be playing his fourth NBA season.


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