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  • So last game before the All Star, right?

  • How would you assess kind of where your team is going to break?

  • Oh, I think they're doing fine.

  • I think we're playing well.

  • We have a good record, especially in this period being cut in.

  • This kind of dangerous was there and we were kind of warring.

  • We're gonna mean enough games, but I think in the last, like 10 games, we won nine or something like that.

  • So it's on your next eight people on seven or something.

  • So I think we had a good momentum going into the break.

  • What's been the biggest difference in your numbers are a lot different the last two months compared to may be the first month of the season.

  • What do you What do you point to?

  • Is the reason why?

  • I mean, it's just happen.

  • I think it's Ah, uh, maybe I need more time to warm up to get going.

  • I really don't know about.

  • I think I didn't sure that that well, in the first spirit, like my shots, was always often short and I was a little bit overweight, and then now I lost a lot of a lot of weight, and I'm feeling good over there around £2025 during the season.

  • What did you do to lose away?

  • It's just on our stern coach, Philippe.

  • His but us five years and he's doing everything for me for five years.

  • So he just gave me a little diet.

  • Live or cut plans, and we can go to go through the debt together.

  • The relationship you and Jamal have way saw it at its highest level in last year.

  • How would you say it's evolved even more this year?

  • I think addressed by experience.

  • You know, we were in a tough moment to be moments when we needed to score.

  • So just the experience that we had a especially the playoffs.

  • I think they help us a lot.

  • Not just me and him, I think is a group to use him.

  • Don't anything else you want about leaking looking clutch shots, hon.

  • Like I just like I think it's just not thinking about the moment.

  • I think just, uh, tryingto make the best judges you can.

  • Of course, whenever you shoot a boy, I want to make it.

  • I think probably just not thinking about the moment just making your head is like an every normal right were shut.

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So last game before the All Star, right?


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