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  • I want to get to Christmas Day because oh, that is so much fun.

  • Our official ESPN ABC Christmas Day schedule noon.

  • We will start off with Celtics Raptors on ESPN.

  • 2 30 Eastern Bucks at Sixers on ABC.

  • Little Joel and Beady on a center to Kobo.

  • Throw down Eastern.

  • We've got Rockets at Warriors on ABC.

  • No bad blood there anything on?

  • Then at eight o'clock Eastern Clippers at Lakers, both on ABC, ESPN and we will end the day at 10 30 Eastern time with pelicans at nuggets on ESPN.

  • Molten of those playoff teams.

  • I mean, this is amazing.

  • Amazing schedule.

  • I mean, which roster would you rather have?

  • I'm gonna go back to that Rockets Warriors game cause that's interesting.

  • Tossem.

  • Do you like better?

  • I like the Warriors roster.

  • Not necessarily because it's talent so much better.

  • But the fit I'm big on fit.

  • You have guys doing rolls and those worlds one another.

  • Now, obviously, Clay Thompson is not gonna be available, but he's still on the roster, so we can't just write a moment if he doesn't exist.

  • When I look at Houston, I'm so concerned about what that it is gonna be like with those two players, especially given that rust.

  • Unlike Chris, Paul isn't a good spacer off the boy doesn't shoot, doesn't move around the whole lot.

  • He doesn't.

  • But I think the good thing for this for that situation.

  • Last year he did a really good job of sort of allowing Paul George to emerge and have a spectacular, almost MVP like season for O.

  • K.

  • C.

  • So you know, and he's played obviously with Durant, and I think he, you know, sometimes as a player, you want to prove that you could be at that level on your own.

  • And he's at a point now.

  • I think he wants to prove he can win.

  • And so, you know, Hardened obviously is a great player.

  • It's hardens team, so a lot will depend on Westbrook how he comes into this situation.

  • But I last year was actually a good thing for him in terms of accepting that another player can emerge and be great as Paul George.

  • Well, that's a great line, by the way that a lot of these Stars want to prove I could carry a team and that Russell Westbrook, whose grant no test to prove I could be a good co carrier of a team, a good teammate and a yes, I think he did great with Paul George.

  • The shooting, though, was down and there were some other of his sets and they were down.

  • It's gonna be interesting to see how those guys fit.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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I want to get to Christmas Day because oh, that is so much fun.


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ラッセルウェストブルックは、彼がスターと一緒に遊ぶことができることを示した昨年 - グラントヒル|ジャンプ (Russell Westbrook showed last year that he can play alongside a star - Grant Hill | The Jump)

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