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  • Mavericks have planned to sign Chris after forcing is to a full five year 1 $58 million maximum for his restricted free agency ever since trading for him in January.

  • That could happen as soon as Sunday.

  • One for agency opens now, according to the athletic.

  • The Mavs Air indeed moving forward offering him that deal.

  • Scotty the Unicorn has missed 142 games in four seasons.

  • The Knicks obviously felt like You know what we want out.

  • Do you have any reservations with Dallas moving forward?

  • Yeah, a little bit.

  • You know, I think players that are not proven yet and you know, I know he's still a young player, got a lot of upside, but he hasn't proven himself, and you just don't know how he's going to bounce back from this injury.

  • If he would ever reached the pinnacle.

  • You want to think that that he's gonna do it, but a team like the Knicks couldn't gamble on on this situation.

  • They're so far behind in terms of catching up with other teams in this league.

  • You can't take that gamble, but Dallas, see this kid is coming up is one of their young stars is gonna be ableto John Luke Hancock.

  • A daunting And so it's it's this a gamble is a gamble that I wouldn't take.

  • Not as a Max.

  • I think he deserves a lot of money.

  • But to give him a max, you, you've kind of cut the whole workout.

  • You know, you're letting them know that you want to top players in our game, but I believe you have to prove to be a top player when you've rolled the dice like Dallas has made that decision exactly.

  • It's already done.

  • If your medical staff has signed off on, they believe KP can be healthy.

  • This is what you got to do.

  • But it reminds me, really.

  • We've been talking about Jimmy for most of the show.

  • The Bulls didn't want to pay Jimmy Butler the Max Max money because they didn't believe he was the guy.

  • The Knicks didn't want to pay for Zynga's because they obviously didn't believe he was the guy and could stay healthy.

  • And now here's Dallas going, uh, let's hope it could work.

  • But when you've already made this deal, this was the next step, and the Knicks not making this deal they could have extended for Zynga's last member because and they basically said No, no, he gets it, He's fine.

  • We're not paying him a lot now because we want to have more cap space open the following summer.

  • He'll still get his money.

  • He's fine with it.

  • That's what they kept saying publicly.

  • We kept hearing reports that he wasn't fine with it, and then all of a sudden turns out he really must not have been fine with it because there was friction there between the two sides.

  • I think Dallas new, the dad to just come in and do this.

  • If they had already made the commitment and traded him, they were like, Great.

  • Let's not have bad feelings and just going right from the start offer him the most we can.

  • It's still on.

  • He's at the level where it's not the Max money.

  • That's a Kevin Durant is getting, but But yeah, it's a lot.

  • You're right.

  • There basically is autonomy.

  • Look, the Timberwolves made that same decision with Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

  • Some people have said that they that was not the right move.

  • There we go.

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Mavericks have planned to sign Chris after forcing is to a full five year 1 $58 million maximum for his restricted free agency ever since trading for him in January.


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